Organelle functions

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Section 1

Question Answer
Nucleolusmanufactures ribosomes
Smooth Enoplasmic Reticulumhelps in the synthesis of lipids
Nuclear envelopecontrols the flow of materials in and out of the nucleus and keeps the chromosomes in
Cell/ Plasma membraneEncloses all the cells materials and controls what goes in and out
Cytoplasmwhere various reactions occur in the cell
Vacuolesstores various things
Mitochondriacellular respiration
Ribosomesmakes proteins
Rough Endoplasmic reticulummakes more membranes which will be secreted out of the cells
VesiclesTransports thing within the cell
LysosomesUsed to break things down with digestive enzymes
Cytoskeletonprovides structural support, involved in cell movement, can anchor organelles and can have organelles move along it
Cilia And Flagellaguide the movement of the cell
Cell Wallprotects the cell, provides skeletal support, keeps the cell from bursting due to water uptake
Golgi Apparatusreceives and modifies the substances produced by the Rough ER

Section 2

Question Answer
Centrioles Cell reproduction
Cell wallOnly in plant cells, protects cell
Chloroplast Only in plant cells, photosynthesis Takes place
Lysosomes Digest food particles
Golgi apparatus Packaging