Organelle functions

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Section 1

Question Answer
NucleusControls the cell function and stores DNA
Nucleolus Makes ribosomes, maybe more than one in a cell, found in the nucleus
Chromosomes Determines what traits a living thing will have,  passes information from parent to offspring.
Cell membrane Gives the cell shape, holds the cytoplasm, and                 controls what moves into and out of the cell.
CytoplasmJelly-like material than includes organelles
VacuolesLiquid-filled, stores food, nutrients etc
MitochondriaPower house of the cell, makes ATP
Ribosomes Proteins made
Endoplasmic reticulum Transportation system, connects nucleus with cell membrane

Section 2

Question Answer
Centrioles Cell reproduction
Cell wallOnly in plant cells, protects cell
Chloroplast Only in plant cells, photosynthesis Takes place
Lysosomes Digest food particles
Golgi apparatus Packaging