Organelle functions

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Section 1

Question Answer
NucleusControls the cell.
Nucleolus Makes ribosomes, maybe more than one in a cell, found in the nucleus
Chromosomes Determines what traits a living thing will have,  passes information from parent to offspring.
Cell membrane Gives the cell shape, holds the cytoplasm, and                 controls what moves into and out of the cell.
Cytoplasm Jelly-like material, organelles in this
VacuolesLiquid-filled, stores food, nutrients etc
Mitochondria Power house of the cell
Ribosomes Proteins made
Endoplasmic reticulum Transportation system, connects nucleus with cell membrane

Section 2

Question Answer
Centrioles Cell reproduction
Cell wallOnly in plant cells, protects cell
Chloroplast Only in plant cells, photosynthesis Takes place
Lysosomes Digest food particles
Golgi apparatus Packaging