Organ Systems - Function and Organs

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This page helps you learn the organ systems.

Organ System and Function

Question Answer
Excretory SystemRemoves liquid waste from the body
Integumentary SystemTo create a waterproof barrier around the body; helps control body temperature
Skeletal SystemProvides support; protects tissues; stores minerals; forms blood
Muscular SystemProduces movement and locomotion; provides support; generates heat
Nervous SystemDetect changes in the environment, signal the body to respond to these changes
Endocrine SystemTo send chemical messages (hormones) throughout the body
Circulatory SystemCirculate oxygen, nutrients, waste; regulate temperature
Immune SystemProtect the body from disease/foreign invaders
Digestive SystemBreak down food and absorb nutrients, eliminate solid waste
Reproductive SystemTo produce offspring
Respiratory SystemTo bring in oxygen and rid the body of carbon dioxide

Organ System and Organs

Question Answer
Excretory Systemkidneys, bladder
Integumentary Systemskin, nails, hair
Skeletal Systemthe bones
Muscular Systemskeletal muscles (biceps); cardiac muscle (heart); smooth muscle (intestines)
Nervous SystemBrain, spinal cord
Endocrine SystemBrain, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, testes and ovaries
Circulatory SystemHeart, blood, blood vessels
Immune Systemthymus, white blood cells, lymph nodes
Digestive SystemStomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas
Reproductive SystemOvaries, testes, uterus, prostate, penis
Respiratory SystemLungs (trachea, bronchi, alveoli, diaphragm)