Organ system

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Section 1

Question Answer
rids the body of nitrogen-containing wastes urinary
is affected by the removal of the thyroid glandendocrine
provides support and levers on which the muscular system can actskeletal
includes the heartcardiovascular
protects the underlying organs from frying out and mechanical damageintegamentary
protects the body, destroys bacteria and tumor cellslympatic
breaks down foodstuffs into small particles that can be absorbeddigestive
removes carbon dioxide from the bloodrespiratory
delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body tissuescardiovascular
moves the limbs; allows facial expressionmuscular
conserves body water or eliminates excesses urinary
provides for conception and childbearing reproductive
controls the body with chemicals called hormones endocrine
is damaged when you cut your finger or get severe sunburnintegumentary

Section 2

Question Answer
blood vessels, heartcardiovascular
pancreas, pitutiary, adrenal glandsendocrine
kidneys, bladder, uretersurinary
testis, vas deferens, urethrareproductive
esophagus, large intestine, rectumdigestive
breastbone, vertebral column,skullskeletal
brain, nerves, sensory receptorsnervous