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Raj believes that everybody's words should be taken at their face value and that statement of individuals and groups can be relied upon even when you meet them for the very first time. Raj appears to have aNo:high trust propensity
When trust is rooted in a rational assessment of the authority's trustworthiness, it is:cognition-based trus
Susan is a compassionate, generous, honest , kind, fair and hardworking person. She therefore has a strong ______________.Moral Identity
The willingness to be vulnerable to an authority based on positive expectations about the authority's actions and intentions is called ________________, whereas ____________ is actually making oneself vulnerable to an authoritytrust, a risk
Brandon, a first-line supervisor at Garden Toys Manufacturing regularly dishes out the verbal abuse to employees, berates, bad-mouthing and embarrassing them in public. Which of these is said to be occurring here? Interpersonal injustice
According to a recent survey, _______ percent of employees have observed illegal or unethical conduct on the job within the past 12 months. 76
The belief that the authority wants to do good for the trustor, apart from any selfish or profit-centered motives refers to which of these dimension of trustworthiness?Benevolence
Managers at XYZ Information, Inc. always give employees a chance to express their opinions and views during the decision-making process. These managers are adhering to which of the rules of fair process?Voice
Which of the following is an informational justice rule?Truthfulness
Which of these acts as a leap of faith in the face of uncertainty about trustworthiness?Affect-based trust
According to the authors, trust is rooted in all of these factors EXCEPT:physical characteristics of the trustee
_______ is the degree to which a person sees himself or herself as a "moral person."Moral identity
________________ had the highest trust propensity and _____________ had the lowest, according to the research conducted by the World Values Study Group?Sweden, Brazil
Which of the following is inaccurate about compensation findings?Women and men earn roughly the same in jobs that pay $75,000 to $100,000 a year, but the gap widens as the salary decreases
____________ happens to 15 % of employees, because their boss has angry outbursts, public ridicule and uses them as escape goats.Abusive supervision
_____ occurs when an authority recognizes that a moral issue exists in a situation or that an ethical standard or principle is relevant to the circumstance. moral awareness
Informational justice is fostered when authorities adhere to two particular rules. ___________ is when authorities explain decision making procedures and outcome in a comprehensible and reasonable manner and _____________ requires that those communications be honest and candid. justification and truthfulness

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Conscientiousness has _______ effect on performance and commitment.a moderate positive
Neuroticism is associated with _______ to stressors, meaning that neurotic people are less likely to believe they can cope with the stressors that they experience.a differential reactivity
MBTI evaluates individuals on the basis of all of these types of preferences except:short-term versus long-term orientation
Which of the Big Five dimension is more likely to be valuable in jobs that require high levels of creativity?Openness to experience
Randy was recently given the following comment by his best friend. "You are uninquisitive, conforming, and quite unartistic. You need to work on these aspects." Randy needs to work on which dimension of the Big Five?Openness
Traits are a function of your _______ and your _______.environment; genes
Raj has always been quiet, shy, and reserved. If he wants to improve these qualities, which of the following Big Five dimension would you recommend he should work on?Extraversion
If Rohan approaches all his decisions with logic and critical analysis, according to MBTI, he is likely going to be described as aNo _______ type.thinking
Abbey has always been a very competitive individual. She enjoys persuading and leading others. She also tends to be a high risk taker and a very energetic and ambitious person. According to the RIASEC model, Abbey would be classified as having which of these personality types?Enterprising
Which of these is not one of Hofstede's dimensions of cultural values?Extraversion-introversion
According to Hofstede's dimensions of cultural values, citizens of the United States tend to be all of these except: high on uncertainty avoidance
_______ refers to the structures and propensities inside a person that explain his or her characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior.Personality
According to the research on twin studies, which of the Big Five have the smallest genetic impact?Agreeableness
According to research, interviewers are unable to gauge _______ and _______, two Big Five dimensions that are related to job performance. conscientiousness; neuroticism
Which of these ask applicants about their attitudes toward dishonesty, beliefs about the frequency of dishonesty, endorsements of common rationalizations for dishonesty, desire to punish dishonesty, and confessions of past dishonesty?Clear purpose tests
Neuroticism is associated with aNo _______ to stressors, meaning that neurotic people are more likely to appraise day-to-day situations as stressful as well as a _____________ to stressors, meaning the neurotic people are less likely to believe they can cope with the stressors that they experience.differential exposure. differential reactivity
Agreeable people prioritize ________________ which reflects a strong desire to obtain acceptance in personal relationships as a means of expressing personality.communion striving
Which dimension of the Big Five has the biggest influence on the job performance?Conscientiousness
According to the longitudinal studies examining changes in personality traits over time, research reveals which two dimensions to be stable and are most dependant on genes?Extraversion and openness
If your roommate is nervous, moody, emotional, insecure, and jealous, he would fit which of these dimensions of the Big Five?Neuroticism
According to the RIASEC model, Sara would be classified as having which of these personality types? Realistic
Professor Mason was writing a recommendation for Lisa. He described Lisa as a dependable, organized, reliable, and ambitious individual. According to the Big Five taxonomy, traits describing Lisa classifies as which of these? Conscientiousness
Having just learned about the RIASEC model, you have been analyzing your roommate. You find that your roommate tends to be original, independent, impulsive, creative, and enjoys entertaining and fascinating others using imagination. According to the RIASEC model, you would classify him as having which of these personality types? Artistic
Extraverted people prioritize _______ which reflects a strong desire to obtain power and influence within a social structure as a means of expressing personalityStatus striving
Kind, cooperative, helpful, and warm describes which of these dimensions of the Big Five?Agreeableness
Neurotic people tend to be both:less satisfied with job as well as life

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