Org Behavior part 3

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Question Answer
Lynn should know that all of these influence tactics are the most effective on average except: coalitions
Wanda shows which style of conflict resolution?Accommodating
Political skill involves all of these excepttechnical know how
Given her position as the department manager, Mary has which of these powers?Legitimate
Which of these represents how important a person's job is and how many people depend on that person to accomplish their tasks?Centrality
All of these are suggested guidelines for using expert power except:provide ample warnings
Which of these refers to the use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement?Leadership
"Compromising" Conflict Resolution Style should be used during all of these situations exceptto achieve temporary settlements to simple issues
Which of these is not a contingency of power? Ingratiation
In order to bring Josh, the marketing manager, on board with the idea of new product introduction at Mountain City Coffee, Evan, the operations manager, enlisted the help of laura and Ellen, two top sales people for the company. Evan is using which of the influence tactics? Coalitions
Which of these responses to influence tactics occurs when targets of influence are willing to do what the leader asks, but they do it with a degree of ambivalence?Compliance
The Dean of College of Business at EduNational University has decided to pursue a coveted accreditation for the college. To get the faculty's buy-in and support for the process, she has created a faculty-driven process where faculty participate in the accreditation process every step of the way and they decide how to carry out the process under her guidance. This process has increased the faculty commitment who now have a stake in seeing the process succeed and the goal of accreditation accomplished. The Dean has used which of these influence tactics?Consultation
In a conflict with Sara, Margie gives in to all of Sara's demands and acts in a completely unselfish way. This describes which style of conflict resolution?Accommodating
All of these are organizational characteristics that foster organizational politics exceptlow self-monitoring
When both parties work together to maximize outcomes, and creates a win-win approach, which style of conflict resolution occurs?Collaborating
Which style of conflict resolution creates a lose-lose approach?Avoiding
Marcus is tired of working late shift and wants better hours at Personal Deliveries International. He has decided to talk to Martha who sets the schedule for all employees at the company. Martha has which of these powers?Reward
All of these influence tactics are considered the "most effective" exceptcoalitions
High assertiveness and low cooperation represents which style of conflict resolution? Competing
Which of these is a personal characteristic that fosters organizational politics?Machiavellianism
Behavioral and attitudinal change occurs in which of the responses to influence attempts? Internalization
_____ power is generally regarded as a poor form of power to use regularly, because it tends to result in negative feelings toward those that wield it.Coercive
Personal powers includeexpert and referent
Susan is looking for which style of conflict resolution?Collaborating
Harry commands which of these powers?Referent
Susan Summerville is a department manager at P&G, Inc. Her title and position gives Susan which of these powers?Legitimate
Major types of power can be grouped along two dimensions:organizational and personal
Power and influence have a _______ effect on performance and a _______ effect on commitment moderate positive; moderate positive
Organizational powers include which of these?Coercive, legitimate, and reward
Stacy is the department manager at UL Industries, an electronic appliance manufacturer. In order to meet the sales target that Stacy has, she offered to her sales staff the following deal: If each individual increased their sales target by 20 percent for the month, she would meet the company's goals. If she meets the company's goals, all employees in sales gets a three day paid vacation to the nearby resort. Stacy is using which of these influence tactics? Exchange
All of these are suggested guidelines for using coercive power except:Don't make rash, careless, or inconsistent statements
Actions by individuals that are directed toward the goal of furthering their own self-interests refer to which of these?Organizational politics