Org behavior part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Up to _______ percent of the knowledge contained in organizations occurs in tacit form.90
An external attribution will occur if there is high ______; high ______; and low ______.consensus; distinctiveness; consistency
Gary appears to be engaging in aself-serving bias
In general, _______ and _______ should be the most common forms of reinforcement used by managers to create learning among their employees.positive reinforcement; extinction
"Throwing good money after bad" captures which of these common decision making errors?Escalation of commitment
Jerry, just walking into the conversation, says well if we go through enough hiring, we are bound to get a good employee sooner or later. No big deal. Cathy's remark represent aNo: stereotype
Because tacit knowledge is so difficult to communicate, _______ might be the single best way to acquire it.modeling
Originally known as operant conditioning, _______ was the first to pioneer the notion that we learn by observing the link between our voluntary behavior and the consequences that follow it.Skinner
When Jeff asked Joanna how to fix the error message he keeps getting on his computer, Joanna wrote the step-by-step instructions down for Jeff so that he can take care of the problem relatively easily. The type of knowledge described in this situation is called:explicit knowledge
True learning only occurs when:changes in behavior become relatively permanent
Chris has consistently tried to demonstrate his ability so that his colleagues will not think poorly of him. Chris appears to have aNo:performance-avoid orientation
Learning has _______ effect on performance and _______ effect on commitment. a moderate positive; a weak positive
_______ are groups of employees who work together and learn from one another by collaborating over an extended period of time.Communities of practice
Several times a month, Danny, the Dean of the College of Business walks by faculty offices at different times of the day and connects with and congratulates those who are doing outstanding job or who he has heard good comments about from other individuals. This is an example of which form of reinforcement schedule? Variable interval
If you do your homework and assignments for your OB class just to avoid being yelled at by your professor, you have learned this behavior through the use of:negative reinforcement
Miranda has always had the tendency to blame something external for her lateness or other failures but is quick to take the credit when she does something right. Which of these best describes Miranda's tendency? Self-serving bias
At a World Issues Conference, all the participants were asked to develop responses to two case situations. People naturally split themselves up into teams based on their occupations. Which of the following helps to explain why the participants acted this way?Social identity theory
Which of these, according to research, is the least long-lasting or most difficult to maintain the high level of performance?Continuous
A salaried paycheck is an example of _______ reinforcement schedule whereas piece-rate pay is an example of _______ reinforcement schedule. fixed interval; fixed ratio
Intuitive decision making is never more important than during a ___________________which is sudden or evolving and results in an urgent problem that must be addressed immediately.crisis situation
Jerry's comment reflects which of these?Representativeness
When Gary says ABC will hire Asians only, he is representing which decision making bias?Anchoring
A new, complex, and not recognized situation calls for _______________ and should use a step-by-step approach like the rational decision-making model.non-programmed decisions
Which of the following is NOT a step of behavior modeling: attribution process
Becca has been referred to as the resident expert at ABC International when it comes to media and all media related issues. Many people have tried to work under her to learn but have not been very successful because she is so good at what she does but cannot really explain it to others. Becca can be described as having which of this knowledge?. Tacit
Bounded rationality says we are likely to do all of these except:pick the alternative that maximizes value
Janell, a newly promoted manager at Island Properties, Inc. (IPI) is interested in learning about what she can do to increase desired behaviors at IPI. Which two contingencies of reinforcement she should focus on?Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement
The belief that others think, feel, and act the same way as you do refers to:projection bias

Section 2

Question Answer
Which of these refer to the degree to which teams are capable of remaining together as ongoing entities?Team viability
According to research, potency, which refers to the degree to which members believe that the team can be effective across a variety of situations and tasks, has _______ impact on team performance.a strong positive
Communications is the process by which information and meaning gets transferred from a sender to a receiver. Is load music a positive influence the communications process?False
When you get from teams "more than the sum of their parts", the teams seem to benefit fromprocess gain
_______ is normally conducted by a consultant and intended to facilitate the development of team processes related to goal setting, interpersonal relations, problem solving, and role clarification. Team building
The idea behind _______ is that team members can develop shared mental models of what is involved in each of the roles in the team and how the roles fit together to form a system.cross-training
Popular rules of brainstorming include all of following except:go for quality of ideas rather than quantity
James, a member of a marketing team at MBI recently met with a member of the executive management team at MBI Corporate Headquarters to get support for his team's request to increase the budget for an expanded print media campaign. This is an example of which of these boundary spanning activities?Ambassador
The secrets of better brainstorming, as practiced at IDEO, includes which of these "what to do": the space remembers
One way to potentially prevent problems associated with cohesion is to formally institute the role ofdevil's advocate
______ refers to specific types of feelings and thoughts that coalesce in the minds of team members as a consequence of their experience working together. Team states
Which of these teamwork processes are important before, during, and between periods of taskwork? Interpersonal processes
In a project team at ABC International, everyone focuses on his or her specialty and what they do best, members know exactly where they can go to get information when there are gaps in their knowledge, and this team produces synergistic results. This shows that the project team at ABC has had an effective transactive memory
Which of these is not a type of desirable transportable teamwork competencies? Hierarchical sensitivity
Jim was on a project team that was facing serious problems and tight deadlines. Jim started blaming other team members for the team's problems and got short tempered with others in the team. This is an example of pooraffect management
Country Project Team at ABC International is given the task to develop new product ideas for three different foreign markets. Team members possessed all the necessary information to make a good recommendation for each of the three countries, but they failed to do so because of the lack of insight and good judgment. This reflects which of these effective decision factors?Staff validity
Before a team made their presentation to the client, each team member observed how other team members performed their roles by shadowing for a day in those members' functional expertise areas and jobs. This is an example of which type of cross-training?Positional modeling
Josh, George, Megan, and Kristin are team members in an Organizational Behavior class. As a team, they are responsible for conducting a case analysis and presenting the results to the class. Josh and Kristin have worked very hard. However, George and Megan did not work as hard as they could have, nor did they do what was necessary for the team to complete the project effectively. The loss in team productivity that occurred due to George and Megan refers tomotivational loss
Coordination losses are often driven by production blocking
Synchronizing team members' activities in a way that makes them mesh effectively and seamlessly refers to _______ and is an example of aNo _______ process.coordination; action
Within communications is Network structure, which is a pattern of communications that occurs regularly among each member of a team. Which of the following is NOT a flow of communication: X Generation
The nominal group technique incorporates both _______ and _______ activities in generating ideas and deciding on the best alternative individual; team
At Taser Sport, Inc. (TSI), Tammy, a member of the marketing team, recently met with Mike from Research and Development to learn about new technology and materials that were being experimented with at TSI and other companies in the industry. This is an example of which of these boundary spanning activities?Scout
Which three specific factors have been found to account for a team's ability to make effective decisions?Decision informity; staff validity, and hierarchical sensitivity
Teamwork processes have a _______ effect on team commitment.strong positive