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physical or chemical trauma

Question Answer
term: loss of tooth structure due to physiologic wearing down of occlusal and incisal surfacesAttrition
term: loss of tooth structure due to non-physiologic (non-masticatory) frictionAbrasion
term: loss of tooth structure due to non-bacterial, intrinsic or extrinsic sources of acidErosion/corrosion
Internal root resorption is due to ____clasts in the ____dentinoclasts in the pulp
External root resorption is due to ____clasts in the ____odontoclasts in the PDL
____ _____ is can resemble SCC is caused by fibrous proliferation due to overextended dentureEuplis fissuratum (benign hyperplasia)
for management of oral chronic (non-healing) ulcer, the suspected etiology should be eliminated and patient should be re-evaluated in ____ weeks2 weeks
ulceration with rolled borders, no change in color or texture, and lots of eosinophils or histiocytes in bed of ulcertraumatic granuloma (aka Eosinophilic Ulcer aka Traumatic ulcerative granuloma with stromal eosinophilia)
_____ disease: traumatic granuloma/eosinophilic ulcer on tip of tongue/lower lip in nursing babiesRiga-Fede disease
____ _____ → narrowing of biliary tract, bile cant enter GI so it goes back into blood (hyperbilirubinemia); greenish color discoloration of teethBiliary Atresia
Bilirubin can be deposited in teeth due to incompatibilities between mother and fetuses blood types, this is called _____ ____Erythroblastosis fetalis
anti-_____ drugs such as _______ can cause staining of soft tissueanti-MALARIA; Hydro-chloro-quin