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pigmented lesions

Question Answer
abnormalities with excess endogenous pigment melanin, reactive or neoplastic or exogenous sources are referred to as _____ lesionspigmented
t/f: melanocytes are epithelial cellsFalse (NOT epithelial cells, they are derived from neural crest and migrate to epi)
t/f: melanocytes are not epithelial cells, they are derived from neural crest and migrate to epiTrue
t/f: pigmented lesions such as basal cell carcinoma are epithelial lesionsFalse (neural crest origins)
amalgam tattoos manifest as a macule or enlargement due to chronic _____ inflammation due to _____ attacking foreign amalgam materialgranulomatous; macrophages
amalgam tattoos can be differentiated from melanin lesions visually how?because there are no shades of brown
______ line is because of heavy metal-sulfide formation due to an interaction between heavy metal and bacterial hydrogen sulfideBurton's line
smoker's melanosis is common in white female smokers and the gingiva in what area of the mouth is also affected?Anterior
what two hormonal conditions can lead to changes in gingival pigmentation?Addison's disease, Cushing Syndrome
what nationality/ethnicity has a much higher chance of melanoma in mucosa?Japanese
this is the malignant counterpart to nevusMelanoma
if found very early, the survival rate of melanoma is ____% (stage 1) in stage 2 the survival rate is ___%; in stage 3 the survival rate is ___%75%; 52%; 23%
what are the ABCDE's of melanoma?Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variation, Diameter, Evolving lesion
melanomas will be > ____mm>6 mm
t/f: oral nevi should always be excisedTrue

treatment indicated for condition

Question Answer
ephelis (freckles)no tx
Lentigo senilisno tx
lentigo simplexno tx
melanotic maculeno tx
melanocanthomano tx
oral nevicomplete excision, histo-evaluation
melanomaextensive, radical surgical tx, other adjunctive tx (radiation, chemo etc)