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pre-malignant epithelial lesions

Question Answer
What is the most common premalignant lesion of oral mucosa?partial progression towards SCC
t/f: if you don't use tobacco then you won't get leukoplakiaFalse
t/f: if you don't use tobacco then you can still get leukoplakiaTrue
t/f: identifying leukoplakia is sufficient to determine the correct treatmentFalse (not a diagnosis)
t/f: identifying leukoplakia is insufficient to determine the correct treatmentTrue (leukoplakia is not a diagnosis)
t/f: overexpression of oncogenes and/or mutation/deletion of tumor suppressor genes are etiologic factors for malignant transformationTrue
t/f: overexpression of tumor suppressor genes and/or mutation/deletion of oncogenes are etiologic factors for malignant transformationFalse (vice-versa)
Oral cancers are ___-___% of all cancers in the US3-4%
____% of all oral cancers are SCC94% (due to tobacco use)
____% of oral cancers are identified at clinical stages 3 or 470%
____(race) males are more likely to get oral cancer <50 yo while ____ (race) males are more likely to get oral cancer > 50 yoBlack; White
what oncogenic strains of HPV are associated with oral cancer?HPV 16 & 18
2 intrinsic factors for Oral cancer: Vitamin ____ deficiency & __________Vit A deficiency (severe, plummer-vinson syndrome) & Immunosuppression
term: white patch’ that cannot be characterized clinically or pathologically as any other disease entity (and cannot be wiped off like Candidiasis)Leukoplakia
t/f: Leukoplakia is a precancerous conditionTrue
What is the most common pre-malignant condition?Leukoplakia
what is the malignant transformation rate of Leukoplakia?4-28% (depending on type)
fixed "white patch" that cannot be wiped off found in the the area distal to the last molar that comes to an abrupt stopAlveolar/Frictional Keratosis (not precancerous)
what is Moriscatio?cheek chewing --> linea alba (keratin on top of epi with lots of bacteria on top of shaggy epithelium)
T/F: Nicotine stomatitis is benign and reversible; no malignant transformation has been reportedTrue
White patch on cheeks that appears normal when your stretch it outLeukoedema (benign) (variation of normal, swelling of epithelium, fades away when you stretch it out)
multifocal lesions with cobweb appearance most commonly confused with leukoplakiaLichen Planus (immune mediated)
this type of fungal infection can mimic leukoplakia because it won't wipe offHyperplastic Candidiasis (aka "candidal leukoplakia")
genetically based, autosomal dominant condition seen in young children (and their siblings) that is a defect in normal keratization of oral mucosaWhite Sponge Nevus syndrome
Leukoplakia & Erythroplakia are primarily related to ___ & _____tobacco & alcohol (but can get them otherwise)
t/f: smokeless tobacco users have less risk of developing cancer than cigarette smokersTrue
t/f: reverse smoking cigarette users are at greater risk for developing carcinomaTrue
when is biopsy needed for smoker's pouch leukoplakia?when THICK, FISSURED and INDURATED (leather-like)
t/f: areas of induration, thickening or leukoplakia should be biopsiedtrue
t/f: Proliferative verrucous leukoplakia is precancerousTrue (should be surgically excised)
keratin pearls are unique to _____ related Squamos Cell Carcinomatobacco
how often does dysplastic leukoplakia reoccur after biopsy management?10-35%
how often does dysplastic leukoplakia undergo malignant transformation?4-25%
term: Non-specific red or mixed patch that is not inflammatory in origin; can lead to SCC or carcinoma in-situerythroplakia/erythroleukoplakia
how often does Erythroleukoplakia (speckled leukoplakia) or erythroplakia undergo malignant transformation?47%

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