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Question Answer
Steven-Johnson syndrome is a symptom complex involving the mucocutaneous disorder ____ _____Erythema multiform
t/f: Erythema Multiform is passed from parents to childrenFalse
t/f: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus exhibits the Nikolsky SignFalse
______ gingivitis is seen in pemphigoid and pemphigusDesquamative
Bone marrow aspirate of monoclonal plasma cells is virtually diagnostic of _____ ______Multiple Myeloma
Solitary ______ may eventually develop into multiple myelomaPlasmocytoma
Amyloid literally means _____-likestarch-like
palatal amyloid nodule found on palate... patient should have a work up for what condition?Multiple Myeloma
presence of _______-clonal spike of serum plasma cells is confirmatory for multiple myelomamonoclonal
t/f: solitary plasmocytoma is a precursor lesion for multiple myelomaTrue
a single amino-acid substitution of valine for glutamine occurs in what disease?sickle cell anemia
Macrocytic (megaloblastic) cells are associated with ____ deficiency and subsequent _____ anemiaB12; Pernicious anemia
Plummer Vinson syndrome associated with _____ deficiencyIron
Philadelphia chromosome seen with _______Leukemia
which has a better prognosis: Hodgkins or Non-Hodgkins lymphoma?Hodgkins
CF 8 deficiency is associated with what condition?Hemophilia A
Too many RBC's in circulation is ______Polycythemia