Optics of a Flow Cytometer

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Question Answer
What occurs in the interrogation point?The interaction of the cells with the laser. Here the cells pass in single file where the focused excitation light crosses through the flow stream.
Laser light is ___ (has a synchronized, identical wave frequency), ___ (has a single wavelength), and energetic- properties that ensure that the cells are illuminated with ___ light of a specific wavelength.coherent ; monochromatic ; uniform
Two main types of arrangements of light sources (i.e. lasers) exist: colinear or parallel; in a co-linear laser arrangement, the lasers share the same ___ ___, and the cells are excited by multiple lasers ___.optical pathway ; simultaneously
In the parallel arrangement, because the lasers are spatially ___, we CAN use 2 fluorophores with the same ___. The emission curve ___ is not an issue because the 2 emissions happen at ___ times.separate ; emission ; overlap ; different