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Question Answer
SO4 IR6 AR 3nerves
SO IRdepressed
Nerve travelmacula > optic nerve > optic chiasm > optic tract > meyers loop > dorsal optic radiation
maculadn center vision
optic nerveblind one eye
optic chiasmlateral fields in both eyes
optic tracthomonomnous hemianopsia
meyers loopon right temporal lobe * down top left corner in both eyes
dorsal optic radiationon right parietal * down bottom left corner both eyes


Question Answer
presbyopiaage-related far sightedness 2/2 loss of elasticity of lense (dn accomadation)
amblyopia= decreased visual acuity
3 etiologies of amblyopiastrabismus, refractive error, cataracts
esotopiainward crossed eye
exotropiaoutward crossed eye
cataractslenticular opacity
tx strabismusglasses / srx
tx refractive errorglasses
eye patchoccluding better eye to encouarge use of amblyopic eye
cyclopegicatropine is an example, paralyze the ciliary muscle in to determine true refractive error of the eye and treat uveitis
eye wallaka uvea
internuclear opthalmoplegia dn medial longitudinal fasciculus dn communication btw CN6 and CN 3, seen in MS, medial rectus palsy on lateral gaze
internuc optho exlook to the right and right eye looks laterally but left eye cannot go medially.
parinaudsparalysis of upward gaze, pineal tumor * midbrain lz, also seen is HA N V hydroceph sz
lens dislocationacute vission loss in one eye (marfan, homocystinuris, alport synd


Question Answer
ptyergiumfleshy benign growth from conjuctica onto nasal side of cornea need srx
subconjuntival hemmorageseen in trx, painless, red on sclera, resolves
acute conjunct etiocold, measels, S pneu, Staph, N gonn, chylmadia
acute conjunt sxsome pain, purulent disch, normal IOP, topic eryth if bact
viral conjunctwatery discharge instead of pus, warm compress, self resolve
allergic conjunctivitismarked pruritus, antihist and steroid drops
herpers simplex keratoconjuntivitisfloresceiin stain has dendritic appearance, tx is antivrial (idoxuridine)
trachoma2/2 chlumadia and itching, eye lid is everted to see evidence (pannus formation), tx topical tetracycline or oral azithromycin.
kayer fleischerdep on descemets membrane, get ceruloplasam, corneal deposition seen on slit lamp


Question Answer
uveitisinflx of uveal tract includes (iris=ant,ciliary body=ant, choroid=post)
autoimmune uveitisRA, IBS, ankylosing spondylitis, sarcoid, CMX, syph, TB
uveitis sxphotophobia, pain , redness, dn vision, miotic pupil
mioticconstricted pupil
mydriaticdilation of pupil
endoopthalmitisinfxn of vitreous fluid, px dn vission, follows srx, hypopyon present
hypopenonlayer of leukocytes in anterior chamber, give intravitreal abx
catarctsopacification of lens (smoking, steroids, UV, trx, DM) absent red reflex, need srz
diabetic retinopathy px exretinal exam dot blot hemm, neovasc(prolif), microaneurysms(non-prolif)
dm retinopathy typesproliferative and non-prolif, mcc of blind in lt 50 yo
dm retino txmed VEGF inhib if proflif (bevacizumab), srx pan-retina laser tx, glc control
glaucomaaqueous fluid flow between lens and iris to anterior chamber to trabecular meshwork to canal of schlemm
glaucoma optic disincreased cup to disc ratio
types glaucomaopen angle and closed angle
open angleasymptomatic, loss of periphreal vision, no px ex findings
closed angleacute, painful, halos around light, fixed-dilated pupil
IOPnormal is 8-21 mmhg
enlarged cup to disc ratiogt 0.4
open angle txprostglandins, alpha ags, cholinomimetics (increase outflow) and cabonic anhydrase inhibitis, alpha ag, BB (decrease humor prodition)
open srxtrabeculoplastition, filtration bleb
closed txiridotomy, topical BB and A2 ag (epi CONTRA!), carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
a1 agup mydriasis