OPP Comat 1

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Question Answer
posterior radial headrestricted range of motion in active and passive supination
radial nerve palsywkness of supinators and extensors of forearm
C2-C7rotate and sidebend on same side
HVLAput into point of most dis-ease
scoliosisup risk "short leg syndrome"
Hellig formularlooks at height in sacral base unleveling to calculate heel-lift required.
Scheuermann Kyphosisdefined as a rigid curvature not corrected by changes in position.
Scheuremann kypohosis radiographical findingsanterior wedging of atleast 3 adjacent vertebral bodies
Schmorl's Nodessmall protrusions of the intervertebral discs into adjacent vertebral bodies, typically found in adolescent boys during rapid growth.
sacral inhibitionto help with dysmenorrhea, PS stim to s2-4


Question Answer
lateral thigh chapmansdysfunction within the colon
pelvic diaphragm releaseimprove lymphatic return if pelvic congestion.
1st line dysmennorheaNSAID, OCP are 2nd line, refractory * give tocolytics (eg. glyceryl trinitrate, nifedipine, magnesium)
prostate chapmanposterior margin of IT band
chapman appendixanterior tip of the 12th rib
rib raisingindic post abd surgery to normalize ANS
pedal pumpcontraindicated in recent abd srx due to up abd thoracic pressure, other contra are presence of DVT or recent fractures.
BITEbottom inhaled (exhalation dysfunction) top exhaled (inhalation dysfunction)
lymphatic treatmentan "upstream" approach
lymphatic pump of Millerto complete after thoracic inlet release.
pedal pump of Darlrympleaka pedal pump...
spencer techniqueextension, flexion, circumduction with compression, circumduction with traction, abduction, internal rotation, pump. (mnemonic EFCTAIP every foolish child tries aspirating in pools)
long thoracic nerveserratus anterior, scapular winging.
surgical neck of humerus fracturedn axillary nerve, paralysis of deltoid
long thoracic nerveC7-T1
nursemaids elbowtx is flex elbow while supinating the arm.
reduce anteriorly dislocated shoulder jointflex elbow to 90 degrees and externally rotate the arm
prostate chapmanlateral IT band.
gallbladderTP of T6 on right
chapman sinusessuperior aspect of the 2nd rib anteriorly on left.
sciaticapiriformis syndrome
pirformis counterstrainprone with flexion, abduction external rotation of the right lower extremity.
myocardium chapman anterior2nd intercostal space, ner the sternum
chapman upper and lower lungs3rd and 4th intercostal spaces near the sternum.
medial epicondyledn ulnar nerve * dn thumb adduction
forearm pronationmedian nerve
abduction armdeltoid and supraspinatus


Question Answer
methyldopaalpha-2 agonist
wrist dropradial nerve mid-shaft humerus fracture.
posterior tibial headHVLA first position in plantar flexion (engaging the restricted barrier)
ankle eversioncauses proximal fibular head to move anterior.
ankle inversioncauses proximal fibular head to move posteriorly.
crainal extensionbase of occiput to descend and temporal bones will internally rotate.
left torsionnamed for greater wing of sphenoid which is higher.
ribs 1-2scalenes, flex head and neck
ribs 3-5pec minor- pushing ipsi elbow to contra ASIS
ribs 2-8seratus anterior
ribs 9-12lat dorsi * adducting the arm
ribs 12quadratus lumborom
post-isometric relaxationdirect and active.
activeanything requiring work of patient is this.