Opioids Study Guide

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Question Answer
What is morphine?Opioid (Narcotic) agonist
How does it work?Blocks pain transmission
How is it administered?Oral, IV, intramuscular, subcutaneous
It is what kind of analgesia?PCA (Patient-controlled)
What is the adverse effect?CNS depression
What is a black box warning?Respiratory depression
How are the effects of morphine reversed?With naloxone
What are the contraindications?Increased intracranial pressure, pregnancy, alcohol use
Why is it the drug of choice for chest pain?Decreases O2 demand, decreases workload on heart, increases blood flow

Other Opioids: Quick Facts


Question Answer
Codeine?Mild opioid, antitussive, minimal abuse
Fentanyl?Transdermal, 80-100 times stronger than morphine, takes 6 hours to get into system with 3 days worth of medicine in the patch, patch needs to be thrown in sharps containers, also comes in lollipops
Hydrocodone/Oxycodone and Acetaminophen?PO meds, frequent abuse, called Norco and Percocet
Methadone?Long acting, used for severe withdrawals
Hydromorphone?Small doses, works for patients who morphine doesn’t work for



Question Answer
What is naloxone?An opioid antagonist
What does it do?Reverses analgesia
How does it work?It blocks and displaces the analgesic
How should you start the doses?Small because the respirations, heart rate, and blood pressure increase

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