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N/V/ eye pain, red eye, fixed dilated pupil, hard eyeacute angle closure glaucoma
tx for AACGtonometry to do gonioscopy and treat with IV mannitol, acetazolamide, pilocarpine, or timolol
avoid in AACG?atropine or other mydrionic agents, the dark
spontaneous subconjunctival hemorrhage?no need to treat. benign
tx primary open angle glaucomabeta blockers (timolol drops) , then trabeculectomy
tunnel visionopen angle glaucoma
damage to one eye after penetrating injury to the other eyesympathetic ophthalmia (due to hidden antigens immunologic mechanism)
presbyopiaage related loss of lens elasticity
middle aged person holding book at arm's lengthpresbyopia
tx presbyopia reading glasses
light flashesdetached retina
floaters and curtain downdetached retina
wrinkled retinadetached retina
rapidly progressing bilateral necrotizing retinitisacute retinal necrosis syndrome form HSV
painless hemorrhages and fluffy or granular lesions around retinal vesselsCMV retinitis
dilated tortuous veinsCRVO
blood and thunderCRVO
tx central retinal vein occlusionocular massage and high O2
cotton wool spotsCRVO, DM retinopathy
amaurosis fugaxtransient monocular vision loss from retinal emboli from carotid artery plaque
sudden loss of vision with floaters in DMvitreous hemorrhage
tx in vitreous hemorrhagerecommend upright position in sleep to enhance settling of hemorrhage
DM retinopathymicro aneurysms, hemorrhages exudates, retinal edema, cotton wool spots, neovascularization
tx DM retinopathyargon laser photocoagulation to prevent complications
methanol intoxicationoptic disc hyperemia, vision loss, coma, and increased osmolar and anion gap met acidosis
macular degenerationmost common cause blindness in industrialized nations. fine visual acuity affected first. Straight lines turn curved/wavy
straight lines turned curved/wavy macular degeneration
hydroxychloroquine for SLE can cause...retinal toxicity. Get baseline optho eval and periodic assessment
sudden vision loss with pale retina and dark maculaCRAO
cherry red maculaCRAO
neovascularizationdiabetic retinopathy
steamy corneaacute angle closure glaucoma
curtain coming downretinal detachment
drusenmacular degeneration
neovascular disease txVEGF inhibitor injections
most common cause of macular degenerationneovascular disease
optic disc cuppingopen angle glaucoma
gradual loss of peripheral visionopen angle glaucoma
swollen discCRVO
AV nickingHTN retinopathy
copper/silver wiringHTN retinopathy
boxcar segmentation of bloodCRAO
pallor of discCRAO
cherry red foveaCRAO
spots in visual fielddetached retina
retinal hemorrhageCRVO
dilated pupil fixedAACG

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