Ophthalmology Eponyms

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Question Answer
Hayreh's theorypapilloedema pathogenesis is due to stasis of axoplasm in prelaminar region of optic disc, due to alteration of pressure gradient across lamina cribrosa
Amaurosis fugaxsudden, temporary, painless monocular vision loss due to transient failure of retinal circulation
Leber's diseasehereditary optic neuritis with progressive visual failure
Kastenbaum indexnumber of small blood vessels in ophthalmoscopy (decreased in optic atrophy)
Anton syndromedenial of blindness (in cortical blindness)
Riddoch phenomenonability to perceive kinetic, but not static targets
Hutchinson's pupilpupil on side of intracranil lesion is dilated due to compression of CN 3
Marcus Gunn pupilon swinging flash light, abnormal pupil will dilate when light moves towards it
Argyll Robertson pupilnear reflex (accomodation reflex) present, light reflex absent, due to tectal lesion (neurosyphilis)
Adie's tonic pupillight reflex absent, near reflex slow, dilated pupil (anisocoria)
Pulfrich's phenomenondepth perception is lost for moving objects (in acute retrobulbar neuritis)