OPath Infections

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Question Answer
Acute pustular skin eruptionImpetigo (Strep Pyogenes, Staph aureus)
Lipid rich bacterial cell wallM. tuberculosis
Positive aerobic bacilliM. tuberculosis
Ghon complexPrimary TB
Reactivation TBSecondary TB
Spread of M. tuberculosis by macrophages, blood stream & sputumMiliary TB
Acid fast stainTB
Ziehl NeelsenTB
Skin PPD testTB
Necrotizing granulomatous inflammation (caseous)TB (Langhan's Giant Cells)
Vertebral TuberculosisPott's Disease (collapse and fusion of several thoracic vertebrae)
Cutaneous TBLupus Vulgaris
Treat TBIsoniazid & Rifampin (18-24mo)
Mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitisScrofula
Negative, helical spirocheteT. Pallidum
Silver stain (Warthin's Starry)Syphilis
ChancrePrimary syphilis (incubate 21 days)
Skin rash/mucous patchesSecondary syphilis (2-6mo later)
Systemic, CNS & Cardiovascular organs affectedTertiary syphilis
GummasTertiary syphilis
Condyloma lataSecondary syphilis
Serology tests for syphilis1o negative. 2dry postitive
Maculopapular rash palms & solesSecondary syphilis
Patchy alopeciaSecondary syphilis (lateral 1/3 of eyebrows)
VDRL (venereal disease research lab)Syphilis
RPR (rapid plasma reagin)Syphilis
FTA-ABS (fluorescent treponemal absorption)Syphilis
MHA-TP (microagglutination assay)Syphilis
Treat Syphilislong-acting penicillin therapy
Saber shinsCongenital syphilis
RhagadesCongenital syphilis
Frontal bossing + saddle noseCongenital syphilis
blindness, deafness, dental anomaliesHutchinson's Triad
"Ray fungus"Actinomyces
Acute, deep suppurative infection w/ draining sinus tracts w/ bacterial coloniesActinomycosis
Filamentous anaerobic gram + bacteriaActinomyces (Grocott stain, sunburst or ray pattern)
"Sulfur granules"Actinomyces
Cervicofacial Actinomycosis55% (vs. cerebral and visceral)
"Lumpy jaw disease"Cervicofacial Actinomycosis
Trauma, extractions, periapical infections, pericoronitis. It invades bone, localized osteomyelitis, periosteitisCervicofacial Actinomycosis
Refractory dentoalveolar suppurative infection should be...cultured
Actinomycosis Txsurgical debridement, high dose penicillin for minimum 10 days (may be 1-2mo) may require IV-penicillin
Bartonella henselaeCat-Scratch disease (80%)
Afipia felisCat-Scratch disease (20%)
Cat-Scratch Disease - associated with cat + ____fleas
Skin papular lesions, low fever, malaise, headache, lymphadenopathy (neck axilla)Cat-Scratch Disease
"Stellate abscesses"Cat-Scratch Disease
Cat-Scratch Disease Tx90% benign (some need Abx)

Section 2

Question Answer
Thrush (pseudomembranous candidiasis)newborns, HIV/AIDS, meds, uncontrolled diabetes
Atrophic (erythematous candidiasis)burning sensation, dentures (need to biopsy SOME)
Hyperplastic Candidiasis"Leukoplakia-like" (need to biopsy ALL)
Perleche aka...Angular Chelitis
Asymptomatic, mid-dorsal tongue candidiasisMedian Rhomboid Glossitis
Persistent & refractory candidiasis on skin, nails & mucosaChronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis
Candidiasis TxNystatin, Clotrimazole, Fluconazole
Nystatin- Disp ___mL, swish/spit __mL 3-4 times a day for 7-10 days300mL, 5mL
Clotrimazole- Disp ___, let 1 troche dissolve slowly in mouth 4 times a day40/60
T/F - Fluconazole- Disp 12 tablets (100-200mg) for 4 days T
Anguar Chelitis TxMycostatin/Triamcinolone Acetonide 15mg tid or qid
3% Alkaline hypochlorite OR 2% sodium benzoateDenture candida soak
A deep lung infection from inhaling spore-infected bird dropping dusthistoplasmosis (Aspergillosis)
Ohio-Mississippi river valleyhistoplasmosis
Histoplasmosis TxNothing or Amphotericin B
Oral, granular, erythermatous, non-healing ulcerhistoplasmosis
Calcified lung nodules, hilar & medistinal nodeshistoplasmosis
Conidia form is infectiousBlastomycosis
Conidia (lollipops)Blastomycosis
Oral lesions, hyperkeratotic, ulcerativeBlastomycosis
Chronic lung infection - may dissiminate to skin & mouth, scaly crusting rash, sccBlastomycosis
Blastomycosis TxAmphotericin B
Fungus ballsAspergillosis
A. fumigatus & A. flavusAspergillosis
small septate branching at acute angleAspergillosis
Aspergillosis Txsurgical debridement of necrotic tissue, Amphotericin B + azole
A chronic deep fungal infection in immunocomp pts & poorly controlled diabeticsmucormycosis
Non-septate branching at 90 degree angleMucormycosis
Blocks blood vesselsMucormycosis (ischemic necrosis)
Mid-facial complexMucormycosis
Can be medical emergencyMucormycosis


Question Answer
Primary herpetic gingivostomatitis, recurrentHHV-1
Below the waistHHV-2
Chicken Pox - ShinglesHHV-3
EBVHHV-4 (mono, oral hairy leukoplakia, Burkitt, Hodgkin)
Kaposi sarcomaHHV-8
Herpetic whitlowPrimary HHV-1
Shinges affects ___% of population.20%
T3-L3Varicella-Zoster (HHV-3)
Ramsay-Hunt Syndromeshingles of the ear
Facial n. paralysis, hearing deficits, vertigo, tinnitusRamsay-Hunt syndrome
Oral hairy leukoplakiaEBV (HHV-4)
Lesions on lateral borders of tongue, no malignant potentialoral hairy leukoplakia
Nuclear beadingoral hairy leukoplakia
Picornavirus --> Enterovirus --> ___coxsakie
Coxsakie gp ___ 24 types, oropharynx vesicle lesionsA
Coxsakie gp ___ 6 types, URIB
Herpangina & Hand foot mouth diseaseCoxsakie A

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