OOP Chapter 1

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Section 1

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Phasesbroad groupings of tasks
Stepstasks (work to be performed)
Techniquesways to carry out tasks
Deliverablesmaterials produced during task accomplishment
What is the relationship between phases, steps, techniques, and deliverables?Each phase is composed of steps, which rely on techniques that produce deliverables

Section 2

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SDLC Planning Phasewhy should the system be built? what value will it deliver? how will it be built?
SDLC Analysis Phasewho will use the system? what will the system do? where and when will it be used?
SDLC Design Phasehow will the system operate? what will the interface look like? what specific programs, databases, and files will be required?
SDLC Implementation PhaseBuilding or purchasing the system. It is the longest and most expensive part of the process.

Section 3

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Planning Phase: Project InitiationSystem's business value is identified
Planning Phase: Project Managementwork plan is created, project is staffed, techniques are put in place to control the project
Analysis Phase: Analysis Strategyanalyse the current system, its problems, and ways to design a new system
Analysis Phase: Requirements Gatheringwip
Analysis Phase: System Proposalwip
Design Phase: Design Strategywip
Design Phase: Architecture Designwip
Design Phase: Database and File Specificationswip
Design Phase: Program Designwip
Implementation Phase: System Constructionwip
Implementation Phase: Installationwip
Implementation Phase: Support Planwip