One word substitution

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Question Answer
one who believes that there is no god atheist
one who eats fleshcarnivorous
one who eats human fleshcannibal
one who makes mapscartographer
one vowed to unmarried lifecelibate
one who makes oneself feel at home in all countriescosmopolitan
one who is given to plesures of eating ,drinkinking etcepicure
one who believes implicity in fate fatalist
one who champions the cause of womenfeminist
one who runs away from justice or the lawfugitive
one who believes that pleasure is the highest toolhedonist
one who eats vegitablesherbivorous
one who sympathetic to mankindhumanitarian
one who pretends to be what he is nothypocrite
one who cannot read and writeilliterate
one who has an irresistable tendency to stealkleptomaniac
one who compiles dictionarylexicographer
one who knows many languageslinguist , multilingual
one who sacrifices his life for a causemartyr
one who loves mankindphilanthropist
one who hates mankindmisanthropist

Section 2

Question Answer
one who hates learning and knowledgemisologist
one who cures eye diseasesoculist / ophthalmologist
one who lives on othersparasite
one who takes refuge in a foreign countryrefugee
one who carves in stonessculptor
one who pays too respect to social position and wealthsnob
one who walks in sleepsomnambulist
one who talks in sleepsomaniloquist
one who spends too muchspendthrift
one who doesnot consume alcoholic drinksteetotaller
one who betrays his friends, ruler, country etctraitor
one who has suddenly risen to wealth and importanceupstart
one who wanders without settled homevagabond
a person who lives in a foreign country alien
a person who is appointed by two parties to settle a disputearbitrator
a person who is trained in space flightastronaut
a person who breaks into a houseburglar
a person with good judgement on mattersconnoisseur
a person who is recovering from illnessconvalescent
a person who points out merits and demeritscritic

Section 3

Question Answer
a doctor who studies and treats skin diseasesdermatologist
a person who thinks only of himselfegoist
a person who leaves country permanently and goes to live in another oneemigrant
a person with legal right to receive property when the owner dies heir
a person who hates womenmisogynist
a person who hates marriagemisoganist
a person who knows a lot about the subject scholar
a person speaking on behalf of a groupspokesman
a person trained in space flight (china)taiconaut
a person who had long experienceveteran
a person having an excessive attachment to foreign livingxenomaniac
a person given to an enemy as a pledgehostage
the murder of an important person for political reasonsassassination

Section 4

Question Answer
a quite and easy deatheuthanasia
killing of brotherfratricide
killing of a man by another manhomicide
killing of an infantinfanticide
killing of mothermatricide
killing one's own parent or other near relativeparricide
killing of fatherpatricide
killing of a kingregicide
killing of sistersororicide
killing of wifeuxoricide

Section 5

Question Answer
Govt. by the noblesaristocracy
Govt. by one manautocracy
the right of self Govt.autonomy
A Govt. carried on through officersbureaucracy
Govt. by femalegynarchy
Govt. of, for and by the peopledemocracy
Govt. by the fewoligarchy
Govt. by the wealthy peopleplutocracy
Govt. by land lordssquirearchy
rule by the militarystratocracy
Govt. by prieststheocracy

Section 6

Question Answer
the science of the structure of the human bodyanatomy
the study of mankindanthropology
relationship by blood or birthconsanguinity
study of populationdemography
study of insectsentomology
the study of the origin and history of wordsetymology
study of earthgeology
the study of coinsnumismatics
study of eggsoology
study of birdsornithology
study of diseasespathology
study of languagephilology
study of earthquakesseismology
disbelief in the existence of godatheism
irreverence in speaking of sacred mattersblasphemy
a war of religionscrusade
a person filled with excessive enthusiasm especially in religionfanatic
morning prayer in a churchmatins
the belief that there is only one godmonotheism
one who looks at the bright side of thingsoptimist
one who looks at the dark side of thingspessimist
not concerned with spiritual or religious affairssecular

Section 7

Question Answer
belief that the soul passes at death into another bodytransmigration
allowance due to a wife from husband on seperationalimony
a person engaged to be marriedbetrothed
the state of being married to two persons at the same timebigamy
an un married women or girl attending the bride at a weddingbridesmaid
the state of being unmarriedcelibacy
marriage without any religious ceremonycivil marriage
dissolution of marriagedivorce
women with property received from her late husbanddowager
widow's share of her husband's estatedower
a women engaged to be marriedfiancee
a young unmarried girlmaid
marriage with a person of lower rank or social positionmesalliance
the condition of having one husband a timemonandry
the custom or practice of having only one wifemonogamy
having more than one husband at a timepolyandry
having more than one wife at a timepolygamy
an unmarried womenspinster
animal that can live on land and wateramphibian
a collection of poems or prose piecesanthology
list of books and writtings of authorbibliography
a lover of booksbibliophile
a funeral songdirge
a poem of mourningelegy
the art of using language effectivelyeloquence
a long narrative poem about the deeds of great heroesepic

Section 8

Question Answer
place where weapons are keptarsenal
place where ships are madedockyard
place where goods are madefactory
place where motor cars are keptgarage
place where grain is storedgranary
place where aeroplanes are kepthanger
place where coins are mademint
place where fruit trees are grownorchard
temples of buddhistspagoda
place where provisions are keptpantry
place where films are madestudio
place of worship of jewssynagogue
place where clothes are keptwardrobe

Section 9

Question Answer
a person whose age is between 40- 49quadragenarian
a person whose age is between 50- 59quinquagenerian
a person whose age is between 60- 69sexagenarian
a person whose age is between 70- 79septuagenerian
a person whose age is between 80- 89octogenerian
a person whose age is between 90- 99nonagenerian
a person whose is more than 100 years oldcentenarian