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Question Answer
300 The Normal Abode Of Any Animal Or Plant Habitant
301 Languages That Has Been Very Much Used Hackneyed
302 Study Of Literature Dealing With Lives Of Saints Hagiology
303 A Person Without Objective Reality Hallucination
304 Two Wheeled Cab For Two To Ride Indie With Driver Mounted Up Behind Hansom
305 Loud Talk Or Speech Harangue
306 A Person Or Thing That Goes Before And Announes The Coming Of Somethhing Harbinger
307 A Women Of Lax Moral Harlot
308 Fear Of Being Robbed Harpaxophobia
309 A Spear On A Rope For Catching Whales And Other Larger Fish Harpoon
310 An Adult Male Of Deer Hart
311 Cutting And Gathering Of Grain Harvest
312 A Number Of Fish Caught (In Net) Caught At One Time Haul
313 Wide Spread Violence Havoc
314 A Number Of Ruins, Stones Heap
315 A Vehicle That Is Used To Carry A Dead Body Hearse
316 Interrupt And Ask Troublesome Questions Heckle
317 Fear Of Pleasure Hedonophobia
318 Wicked To A High Degree Heinous
319 The Sun Therapy Heliotherapy
320 A Place For The Collection Of Dried Plants Herbarium
321 That Which Eats Grass Herbivore /Herbivorous
322 Belief Or Opinion Contrary To What Is Generally Accepted Heresy
323 One Who Is Against The Religion Heretic
324 Creature Havingh Both Male And Female Organs Hermaphrodite
325 A Person Claming To Be Superior In Culture And Intellect To Others Highbrow
326 One Who Robs Smuggler Of His Smuggled Goods After The Border Has Been Crossed Hijacker
327 Person Who Is Against The Ordinary Society Esp. Dressing Hippy
328 The Study Of Tissues Histology
329 A Word That Is The Same In Sound As Another But Different In Meaning Homonym
330 Science Of Time Horology
331 A Dog Used For Hunting Hound
332 Seat On Elephant’s Back Howdah
333 Branches Of Learning Concerned With Literature History Humanities
334 Fear Of Travel Hydrophobia
335 A Religious Song Hymn
336 An Exaggerated Statement Hyperbole
337 A Persistent Anxiety About One’s Health Usually Involving Imagined Symptoms Of Illiness Hypochondria
338 One Who Pretends To Be What He Is Not Hypocrite
339 An Odd,A Typical Or Eccentric Trait Idiosyncrasy
341 Short Descripative Poem Or Picturesque Scene Or Incident Idyll
342 Something Perfectly Neat And Tidy Immaculate
344 One Who Is Settles In Another Country Immigrant
345 Free From Infection Immune
346 Not Shoeing Proper Respect Impertinent
347 One Who Shows Lack Of Respect Or Religious Reverence Impious
348 That Cannot Be Weighed Imponderable
349 Lacking In Sexual Power Or Sufficient Strength To Do Something Impotent
350 That Cannot Be Entered By Force Impregnable
352 Something That Cannot Be Taken Away Inalienabel
353 A Person Who Maliciously Destroys By Fire Incendiary
354 Incapable Of Being Burnt Incombustible
356 That Which Is Not Composed Of Matter Incorporeal
357 That Cannot Be Erased Or Removed Indelible
358 Compensation Of Loss Indemnity
359 Angry At Injustice Indignant
360 One Who Is Unrelenting And Cannot Be Moved By Entreaties Inexorable
361 Not Definitely Or Clearly Expressed Inexplicit
362 Foolish Love Infatuation
363 A Home For Old People Infirmary
364 Swelling Part Of A Body Inflammation
365 Judicial Process Or Order To Stop Something Injunction
366 Place Which Provides Both Board And Lodging Inn
367 A Subtle Allusive And Generally Deprecatory Remark Innuendo
368 Not Clearly Expressed Or Understand Inscrutable
369 Suggest Indirectly Insinuate
370 Interested Mainly In A Small Group Country Etc. Insular
371 To Mediate Between Two Parties In A Dispute Intercede
373 Make (Something Misleading) Additions To A Book Interpolate
374 The Period Between Two Reigns Interregnum
376 Interrupt The Proceeding And Demand A Statement Or Explanation From Interrelate
377 Scatter Things Among Others Or Place Here And There Intersperse
378 A Person Who Has A Most Uncompromising Attitude Especially On Politics Intransigent
379 Something That Can Not Be Harmed Inviolate
380 A Person Who Travels From Place To Place Itinerant
381 A Plan For Or Route To Be Followed On A Joureny Itinerary
382 Language Difficult To Understand Jargon
383 A Short Joureny For Pleaseure Jaunt
384 A Professional Rider In Horse Races Jockey
385 A Traitor Who Can Sel Our Even His Firends Judas
386 A Group Of People Who Band Together For Some Secret Purpose Especially For Political Intrigue Junta
387 Science And Philosophy Of Human Law Jurisprudence
388 Placing A Thing Beside Another Juxtapose
389 A Swiftly Changing Scene Or Pattern Kaleidoscope
390 Science Of Human Beauty Kalology
391 Fear Of Cockroaches Katsaridaphobia
392 Government By The Worst Citizen Kekistocracy
393 A House Or Shelter For A Dog Kennel
394 A Funeral Bell Knell
395 Being Economical In Speech Or Expressed In Few Words Laconic
396 Salt Water Lake Separated From The Sea By Sand Banks Lagoon
397 Fear Of Speed Lalophobia
398 A Written Attack Using Humour To Provoke Contempt Lampoon
399 One Who Cuts Precious Stones Lapidist(Lapidary)
400 A Medicine That Loosens The Bowels Laxative
401 Something Left In A Will By Someone Who Has Died Legacy
402 Responsible According To Law Legitimate
403 A False Written Statement To Damage A Person’s Repute Libel
404 A Person Who Leads An Immoral Life Libertine/Lecher
405 Man Of Lax Moral Licentious
407 The Study Of Physical Phenomenon Of Lakes Limnology
408 To Comenasate A Person Etc. For Loss Or Damage Lindemnify
409 Fear Of Getting Fat Lipophobia
410 Cutting For Stone In The Bladder Lithotomy
411 Of Young Pigs, Dogs At Birth Litter
412 A Section Of Hair Lock
413 Fear Of Words Logophobia
414 One Who Talks Continuously Loquacious
415 A Song To Put Babies To Sleep Lullaby
416 A Place Where Mad Men Are Kept Lunatic
417 Fear Of Dark Lygophobia
418 A Scene Or Situation Which Is Gruesomely Imaginative Or Full Of Gruesome Details Macabre
419 Part-Song For Several Voices Without Instrumental Accompaniment Madrigal
420 Fear Of Childbirth Maieusiphobia
421 A Pharse R Sentence That Is Comical Or Noncensical Because The Speaker Used A Wrong Woek That Sounded Something Like A Right Word Malapropism
423 Person Who Is Always Dissatisfied Malcontent
424 Onw Who Pretends Illness To Escape Duty Malingerer
425 A Fullsize Model Of A Complete Of Patial Human Figure Mannequin /Dummy
426 An Instrunment For Measuring Gases Manometer
427 Killing Of One’s Husband Mariticide
428 Morning Prayer Matin
430 A Magnificent Tomb Mausoleum
431 Short Saying Expressing A General Truth Maxim/Proverb/Dictum/Adage
432 Mania Of Being Important Megalomania
433 One Who Has Delusions Of One’s Grandeur Megalomaniac
434 A Drama Which Is Marked By Very Crude Appeal To Feelings And Emotions Melodrama
435 Perasonal Reminiscences In A Narrative From Memoir
436 A Place For Wild Animals And Birds Menagerie
437 One Who Fights For Money Mercenary
439 Application Of Name Or Descriptive Term To An Object To Which It Is Not Literally Applicable Metaphor
440 One Who Is Very Careful And Particular Meticulous
441 A Person Who Makes And Sells Ladies Hats, Etc. Milliner
442 Cut Into Small Peaces Mince
443 An Impudent Girl Minx
444 Hatter Of Smoking Misocapnic
445 One Hates The Institution Of Marriage Misogamist
446 A Hater Of New Things Misoneist
447 A Treatise On One Subject Monograph
448 Perason Obsessed With One Idea Or Subject Monomaniiac
449 Of Outstanding Significance Monumental
450 Belonging To This Word , Earthly Mundane
451 A Change That Befalls Something Mutation
452 Open Rebellion Of Soldiers And Sailors Against Lawful Authority Mutiny
453 Flesh Of Sheep Used As Food Mutton
454 A Person Having The Same Name Namesake
455 State Of Unconscious Narcosis
456 Secretion Of A Plant Which Attracts The Insects Or Birds That Pollinate Flowers Nectar
457 Using Of New Words Neology
458 A Person Suffering From Nervous Breakdown Neurotic
459 Fond Of New Things Newfangled
460 A Hollow Space In A Wall For A Stuate Niche
461 One Who Believes In The Philosophy That Nothing Has Real Existence Nihilist
462 A Member Of A Wandering Tribe Nomad
463 Study Of Law Nomo Logy
464 A Quick Remedy Or Apparent Medicine Or Similarly A Pet Scheme Nostrum
465 Fear Of Darkness Nyctophobia
466 Offering Made To God Oblation
467 Destroy Without Any Trace Obliterate
468 Physician Who Delivers Babies Obsterician
469 Fear Of Crowds Oclophobia
470 One Who Cure Eye Disease Oculist
471 The Study Of Teeth Odontology
Question Answer
472 A Long Wandering Journey Odyssey
473 Gathering Of All Things Omnibus
474 Of All Sorts Omnifarious
475 One Who Eats Everything Omnivorous
476 Fear Of Snakes Ophiopobia
477 Scornful And Contemptuous Language Opprobrium
478 The Study Of Mountains Oralogy
479 One Who Makes An Eloquent Public Speech Orator
480 A Field Or A Part Of A Garden Where Fruit Trees Grow Orchard
481 Severe Test Of Character Or Endurance Ordeal
482 The Ceremony At Which A Man Becomes A Priest Ordination
483 Style In Which A Writer Makes A Display Of His Knowledge Ornate
484 The Study Of Correct Pronunciation Orthoepy
485 Currect Spelling Orthography
487 Fear Of Property Orthophobia
488 A Person Who Looks After Horses In A Inn Ostler
489 Dungeon Entered By Trapdoor Oubliette
490 Way Out For Water Or Stream Outlet
491 Bearing Young’s By Eggs Oviparous
492 Person Who Does Not Believe In Any Religion Pagan
493 The Study Of Ancient Writing Palaeography
494 Study Of Fossils Palaeontology
495 Food Which Agrees With One’s Taste Palatable
496 The Study Of Ancient Writing Paleography
497 That Which Can Lessen The Severity Of (Pain , Disease) Palliative
498 Government Run Universally Panarcy
499 Equally Sensitive To All Colours Panchromatic
500 A Disease Widely Epidemic Pandemic
501 Wild And Noisy Disorder Pandemonium
502 A Speech Or Writing Prasing A Person Or A Thing Panegyric
503 Government By All Pant Isocracy
504 Belief Of God In Nature Pantheism
505 Person Who Belives That God Is Everything And Eveyting Is God Pantheist
506 Temple Dedicated To All The Gods Pantheon
507 To Explain A Spritual Truth Parable
508 A Lover Specially One Who Unlawfully Takes The Position Of A Wife Or A Husband Paramour
509 Mental Derangement Paranoia
510 Personal Belonging , Equipments Etc. Paraphernalia
511 One Who Lives On Others Parasite
512 A Small Umbrella Parasol
513 Funny Imitation Of A Poem Parody
514 Words Alike In Sound But Different In Meaning And Spelling Paronym
515 Murder Of One’s Parents Parricide
516 One Who Flaunts Newly Acquired Wealth Parvenu
517 A Language Of Special Group Patois
518 Killing One’s Father Patricide
519 Property Inherited From One’s Father Pr Ancestors Patrimony
520 Name Derived From Father’s Name Patronymic
521 One Who Has No Means Of Live Hood Pauper
522 Give Something As A Security For Debt Pawn/Mortgage
523 Use Of Public Money For One’s Own Benefit Peculation/Embezzlement
524 A School Teacher Or A Man Affecting Learning Pedagogue
525 The Art Of Method Of Teaching Pedagogy
526 A Style In Which A Writer Makes A Display Of His Knowledge Pedantic
527 To Remove The Skin Of A Potato Or And Orange Peel
528 Equal In Rank Peer
529 A Small Enclosere For Cattle ,Sheep ,Polutry Etc Pen
530 Fear Of Poverty Peniaphobia
531 Land So Surrounded By Water As To E Almost And Island Peninsula
533 A Passage Marking The Close Of Speech Peroration
535 Be The Embodiment Or Perfect Example Personify
536 Quick To Judge And Understand Perspicacious
537 Change To Something Abnormal , Unnatural Perversion
538 The Study Of Rocks Petrology
539 Fear Of Becoming Blad Phalacrophobia
540 Fear Of Ghosts Phasmophobia
541 One Who Works For The Welfare Of The Women Philogynist /Feminist
542 The Study Of Languages Philology
544 A Lover Of Learning Philomath
545 A Lover Of Poetry And Art Philomuse
546 A Lover Of Animals Philozoic
547 The Study Of Speech Sounds And Production, Transmission , Reception Phonetics
548 Instrument For Measuring The Intensity Of Light Photometer
549 The Science Of Judging Of A Person’s Character Capabilities Etc. From An Examination Of The Shape Of His Skull Phrenology
550 The Study Of Human Face Physiognomy
551 Ride On Someone’s Back Piggyback
552 Pleasant Or Sharp To The Taste Piquant
553 A Common Place Remark Platitude
555 Common Place Remarks Platitudes
556 An Experession Of The Popular Will Concerning Some Important Questions Given By A Direct Vote Of The People Plebiscite
558 A Person With Full Discretinary Power To Act On Behalf Of A Country Plenipotentiary
559 Use Of More Words Than Are Needed To Express The Meaning Pleonasm
560 Custom Of Having Many Wives Polygamy
561 One Who Knows Many Languages Polygot
562 That Which Is Pig Like Porcine
563 A Group Of People Who Are The Same In Some Way Posse
564 Future Generation Posterity
565 Something Which Can Be Taken For Granted Postulate
566 A Book Or Picture Produced Merely To Bring In Money Pot-Boiler
567 A Medley Or Heterogenous Mixture Of Great Variety Potpourri
568 Theory Of Utility Pragmatism
569 A Person Concerned With Practical Results And Values Pragmatist
570 One Preying On Or Exploiting Others Predator
571 Difficult Or Dangerous Situation Predicament
572 Absolute Right Prerogative
573 Feeling Or Impression That Something Evil Is Going To Happen Presentment
574 The Tendency To Postpone Things For Future Procrastination
575 Forecast Of The Probable Course Of A Disease Or Illness Prognosis
576 Whole Body Of Wage Earners Proletariat
577 Confused And Disorderly Promiscuous
578 Explicit Understanding To Do Something Promise
579 Natural Tendency To Do Something Propensity
580 Person To Whom Another Gives Encouragement And Help Protégé
581 Original Modal Prototype
582 One Who Studies The Pattern Of Voting In Elections Psephologist
583 Expand And Contract Rhythmically Pulsate
584 Particular Point Of Good Conduct , Ceremony Honour Punctilio
585 Separation From Other People To Avoid Infection Quarantine
587 Happening In Five Years Quinquennial
588 One Who Is Chvalrous,Idealistic And Unpractical Quixotic
589 People In Rowdy Scence Rabble
590 Lottery In Which An Article Is Assigned By Lot To One Of Those Buying Tickts Raffle /Draw