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Question Answer
591 A Person Who Refuses Compliance With Recalcitrant
592 Secret Place Difficult To Reach Recess
593 One Who Habitually Relapses Into Crime Or One Who Cannot Be Cured Of Criminal Activities Recidivist
594 One Who Retires From Socity To Live A Solitary Life Recluse
596 Dress With Medals, Ribbons Worn At Official Ceremonies Regalia
597 Give Back To The Users Their Youthful Vigour And Appearance Rejuvenate
598 Pardon Or Forgiveness Of Sins By God Remission
599 One Who Forsakes Religion Renegade
601 Person Who Changes His Religious Belief Renegate/ Renegade
602 Witty , Clever Retort Repartee
604 Atonement For One’s Sins Repentance
605 Indirect Effect Or Remote Effect Of Some Event Repercussion
606 Copy Or Reproduction Of A Work Replica
607 Shining , Brilliant And Magnificent Resplendent
608 A Person Who Is Resereved In Talks Reticent
609 A Lady’s Purse Reticule
610 The Art Of Elegant Speech Or Writing Rhetoric
611 Place For Public Speaking Rostrum
612 Cud-Chewing Animal Ruminant
613 To Mediate, To Pander Over A Question Ruminate
614 To Relax In A Countryside Far Away From The Humdrum Of Town Rusticate
615 Substance Used In Place Of Sugar Saccharin
616 A Symbolic Religious Ceremony Especially Baptism Sacrament
617 The Act Of Violating The Sanctity Of Church Sacrilege
618 Violiting Religious Things Sacriliege
619 A Very Private Room Sanctum,Sanctorum
620 Abounding In Blood Sanguine
621 One Who Is Grave And Gloomy Saturnine
622 In A Primitive Or Uncivilized State Savage
623 One Who Always Gets Into Trouble Scapegrace
624 Confused Struggle Or Fight Scrimmage
625 Practise Of Using AbuseScurrility
626 Suffering From Bodily Or Mental Weakness Because Old Age Senile
627 Affectedly And Pompously Formal Person Or Style Sententious
628 Music Played Or Sung At Night Below A Person’s Window Serenade
629 150th Anniversary Sesquicentennial
630 Smash To Pieces Shatter
631 A Case In Which The Sword Is Kept Sheath
632 A Case In Which The Blade Of A Sword Is Kept Sheath ,Scabbard
633 A Large Number Of Fish Swimming Together Shoal
634 Cutting All The Waste Paper Into Pieces Shredding
635 Winding Sheet Of A Corpse Shroud
636 Go Back And Forth Shuttle
637 Period Of Rest Or Sleep Taken In The Early Afternoon Siesta
638 A Portrait Of A Person With Only The Outline Of The Profile Silhouette
639 One Who Despises Persons Of Lower Social Position Snob
640 A Short Stay At A Place Sojourn
641 A Very Delicate Flaw Or Mistake Which Is Not Expected From The Person Making It Solecism
642 A Speech Made To Oneself Soliloquy
643 Having A Full , Deep Sound Sonorous
644 A Reasoned Willing To Avail Himself Of Fallacies That Will Help His Case Sophist
645 Causing Or Tending To Cause Sleep Soporific
646 The Highest Singing Voice In Women Or Boys Or A Music In Highest Voice Soprano
647 Murder Of One’s Sister Sororicide
648 One Who Is A Habitual Drunked Sottoper
649 A Thing Kept In Meomory Of An Event Souvenir
651 Money In Form Of Coins Specie
652 The Study Of Caves Spelelogy
653 One Who Does Not Know How To Save The Money Spendthrift
654 One Who Spends One’s Money Recklessly Spendthrift/Prodigal
655 Occurring Here And There Or Now And Then Of Or For All Sporadic
656 Principal Raw Material Or Commodity Grown In A Locality Staple
657 Written Law Passed By The Law Making Body Statute
658 One Who Loads And Unloads Ships Stevedore
659 One Who Arranges For The Supply Of Food In A Club, School Etc. Steward
660 A Sequence Of Similar Items String
661 Walk In A Vain , Self-Important Way Strut
662 A Heavy Unnatural Slumber Stupor
663 A Place Where Pigs Are Kept Sty
664 Bring Under Control Especially A Group Of People Causing Trouble Subdue
665 Bring Under Control In War Subjugate
666 Put Under The Surface Of Water Submerge
667 Submarines Operate Below The Surface Of The Seas Subterranean
668 One Who Courts Or Woos A Woman Suitor
669 Miscellaneous Articles Not Listed Separately Sundries
670 Showing Contemptuous Indifference Supercilious
671 Easily Bending Supple
672 Stealthy Done Surreptitious
673 A Subsutute Surrogate
674 A Flies Or Locusts, Bees ,Ants Swarm
675 A Boastful Fellow Swashbuckler
676 To Slap With A Flat Objact Swat
677 Person Who Caters To The Rich Sycophant
678 Conference For Discussion On A Subject Symposium
679 A Council Of Clergymen Synod
680 Something Which Religion Or Custom Regards As Forbidden Taboo
681 A Place Where Lather Is Tanned Tannery
682 Fit For Bad Temper Or Anger Tantrum
683 The Art Of Preserving Skin Taxidermy
684 Power Of Reading Thoughts Of Others Telepathy
685 A Noisy Quarrelsome Women, A Shrew Termagant
686 Fear Of Deaths Thanatophobia
687 Government By The Gods Therachy
688 A Large Crowd Of People Throng
689 One Who Always Runs Away From Danger Timid
690 Exsisting Only In Name Titular
691 One Who Is Habitual Drunken Toper/Sot
692 Art Of Cutting Tree And Bushes Into Ornamental Shape Topiary
693 Of Abusive Invectives Torrent
694 One Who Travels From Place To Place Tramp
695 That Which Surpasses Transcendental
696 Of A Very Short Duration Of Period Transient
697 The Doctrine That Human Souls Pass From One Body To Another At The Time Of Death Transmigration
698 A Drawing On Transparent Paper Transparency
699 Group Of Three Novals Trilogy
700 Fear Of Numbers Triskaidekaphobia
701 Something That Is Poisonous Or Unhealthy Trivial
702 A Group Of Dancers, Artists Or Acrobats Troupe
703 Plain Or Self Evident Truth Truism
704 A Framework Of Rafters, Posts And Bars Truss
705 Of Grass ,Hair Tuft
706 Science Of Printing Typography
707 That Which Cannot Be Doubted Or Questioned Unimpeachable
708 The Practise Of Taking Exorbitant Or Excessive Interest On The Money Lent Usury
709 An Imaginary Ideal Utopia
710 Change One’s Mind Two Quickly Vacillation
712 Suggesting Absence Of Thought Or Intellect Vacuous
713 To Spend Life Without Purpose And Intitative Vegetate
714 Guilty Of Accepting Bribes Extremely Mercenary Venal
715 Fault That May Be Forgiven Venial
717 That Can Live Without Outside Help Viable
718 The Act Of Enjoying Or Having An Experience Indirectly Vicariously
719 A Short Literary Description Marked By Delicacy Vignette
720 One Who Is Determined To Exact Full Vegeance For Wrong Done To Him Vindictive
721 An Area Planted With Grapes Vineyard
722 A Loud-Mouthed Turbulent Kind Of Women Virago
723 One Who Is Brilliant Performer On Stage(Specially Music) Virtuoso
724 Bearing Living Young’s Viviparous
725 That Easily Changes Into Gas Or Vapour Volatile
726 Person Who Gives Himself Up To Luxury And Sexual Pleasures Voluptuary
727 A Long Joureny Especially By Sea Voyage
728 That Is Fox Like Vulpine
729 Weariness Of And Sadness For Life And World Weltschmerz
730 A Person Sharing Responsibility For A Political Party’s Discipline And Tactics Whip
731 Having A Vague Desire Wistful
732 A Garland Of Flowers Wreath
733 To Move Along With Quick Short Twisting Actions Wriggle
734 Fear Of Sex Xenophobia
735 A Light Sailing Boat Built Especially For Racing Yacht
736 Fear Of God Zeusophobia