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genericBrandClassDrug pearls
filgrastimNeupogencolony stimulating factors CSF5mcg/kg/day, SE bone pain, fever, arthralgia, myalgia, rash, **** should NOT give 24 hours before or after chemo
tbo-filgrastimGranixcolony stimulating factors CSFSE bone pain, fever, arthralgia, myalgia, rash
pegfilgrastimNeulastacolony stimulating factors CSF*** Long acting --> 1 pen SQ once per cycle, SE bone pain, fever, arthralgia, myalgia, rash, **** should NOT give until 24h AFTER the end of chemo infusion
sargramostimLeukinecolony stimulating factos CSFlimited use in stem cell transplantation ONLY
aprepitantEmendneurokinin-1 receptor antagonist125mg 1 hour before chemo on day 1, then 80mg qd x 2 days
fosaprepitantEmend injectionneurokinin-1 receptor antagonistINJECTION
netupitant + palonosetronAkynzeoneurokinin-1 receptor antagonist + 5-HT3 antagonistPO ONLY, very long half life --> last up to 7 days
rolapitantVarubineurokinin-1 receptor antagonist
ondasetronZofran, Zuplenz film5-HT3 antagonist16-24mg PRN
granisetronSancuso patch, Kytril, Sustol (SQ)5-HT3 antagonistpatch apply 24-48h before chemo --> may use up to 7 days
dolasetronAnzemet5-HT3 antagonistPO 100mg, IV is NOT approved for nausea because risk of QT prolong
palonosetronAloxi5-HT3 antagonistIV ONLY, combination is PO
dexamethasoneDecadronsteroidsoff label use
prochlorperazineCompazineDA-antagonistQT prolong
promethazinePhenerganDA-antagonistQT prolong
metoclopramineReglan, Metozolv ODTDA-antagonistQT prolong
dronabinolMarinolcannabinoidsCIII, *** refrigerated!!!
nabiloneCesametcannabinoidsCII, *** NO refrigeration
calcitoninMiacalcinhormoneIM or SQ, inhibit bone resorption, increased renal calcium excretion, for HYPERCALCEMIA
zoledronateZometa, ReclatbisphosphonateZ - 4mg IV once --> may repeat in 7 days, R - 5mg IV once a year for osteoporosis, For HYPERCALCEMIA
denosumabXgeva, ProliainjectionX - 120mg SQ, P - 60mg SQ q6 months for osteoporosis, For HYPERCALCEMIA

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