Oncogenes-Tumor Suppressor Genes

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Question Answer
rasGTPase; Colon Cancer --> Normally inhibited by NF1 gene product
retTyrosine Kinase; MEN 2A & 2B
ablTyrosine Kinase; CML
c-mycTranscription Factor; Burkitt's Lymphoma
n-mycTranscription Factor; Neuroblastoma
l-mycTranscription Factor; Lung Tumor
bcl-2Prevents apoptosis; Follicular Lymphoma + Undifferentiated Lymphomas
erb-B2Tyrosine Kinase; Breast, ovarian, and Gastric carcinomas; Inhibited by Trastuzumab
c-kitCytokine receptor; GI Stromal Tumor

Tumor Suppressor Genes

Question Answer
RbChromosome 13q; Blocks G1-->S transition; Retinoblastoma (of course) + Osteosarcoma! (G1-S transition)
p53Chromosome 17p; Blocks G1-->S transition; Li-Fraumeni Syndrome + MOST HUMAN CANCERS!! (genomic stability)
BRCA1Chromosome 17q; DNA Repair Protein (Ds DNA breaks), Check-point regulator, and Ubiquitination; Breast and Ovarian Cancer (DNA repair genes)
BRCA2Chromosome 13q; DNA Repair -- Homologous recombination of DsDNA breaks; Breast cancer only (DNA repair genes)
p16Chromosome 9p; Melanoma (also associate with S-100 antigen)
APCChromosome 5q; Colorectal cancer (FAP) (WNT signaling pathway)
WT1 (Wilms Tumor)Chromosome 11p; WAGR Syndrome (urogenital differentiation)
NF1Chromosome 17q
NF2Chromosome 22q
DPCChromosome 18q; Pancreatic Cancer; DPC = "Deleted in Pancreatic Cancer'
DCCChromosome 18q; Colon Cancer; DCC = "Deleted in Colon Cancer"
VHLChromosome 3p; Normally suppresses HIF (Hypoxia inhibitory factor), which normally induces vascular endothelial growth and EPO production (ubiquitin ligase component)

Tumor Markers

Question Answer
TRAPHairy Cell Leukemia (B-cell neoplasm)
VimentinCancer of Mesenchymal origin
DesminMuscle cell origin
KeratinEpithelial cell origin
GFAPAstrocytoma, Ependymomas
S-100Neural crest cell marker --> Melanoma, Astrocytoma, Neural Tumors
PSA vs Prostatic Acid PhosphatasePSA can be used for prostate cancer, BPH, or prostatitis while PAP is only for prostate cancer
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)Non-specific marker (Ex/ Colorectal and Pancreatic cancers, Gastric, Breast, Thyroid medullary)
alpha-FetoproteinHepatocellular carcinoma, Yolk-sac tumor --> Note: Normally made by fetus
Beta-hCGHydatidiform moles, Choriocarcinomas, (Together, these two make up "Gestational Trophoblastic Tumors")
CA-125All ovarian cancers (biggest risk factor for ovarian cancer is family history)
Alkaline PhosphataseBone metastasis, Obstructive Biliary Disease, Paget's disease of Bone
BombesinA neuroendocrine cell marker, therefore: Small cell lung cancer and Gastric Cancer, Neuroblastoma (N-myc proto-oncogene --> Trascription Factor; Most common tumor other than brain tumors in infants; tumor of adrenal medulla! Increased Catecholamine breakdown products in urine; Histo: Small round blue cells)
CA-19-9Pancreas --> Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma (Recall DPC on Chromosome 18)
CalcitoninMedullary thyroid cancer --> MEN 2A & B; A-CAL amyloid plaques

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