On-Premise Systems - Career Ex II

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Question Answer
computer online traininga method of computer instruction that enables students to learn online at their own pace
migrationa process in IT where an IT manager must migrate data from one device to another and make it available for use
procurementa department in a larger company that handles all aspects of computer purchasing and negotiation
request for quotea "term of art" in business where an IT manager defines the tools that are needed for a project; this list is sent to a number of suppliers for competitive bids
What is a consequence of using open-source software?no support
Who makes "white box" computers?non-major companies
How effective are reports?effective; they keep all parties involved in the plan.
For what are tools such as USMT and Tranxition used?migration
content management systemsystem that collects, organizes, publishes, and manages creative content


Question Answer
six sigmaa set of industry standards for technology development designed to reduce errors and improve production process
supply chaina production line that can extend around the entire world and involve hundreds of companies
waterfalla type of software development method that is based upon a linear development methodology
Who invented the Six Sigma process?Motorola
A σ of three or 3σ means that a project was ____ percent perfect.99.9
A Four Sigma rating means ____ percent perfect.99.99
Six Sigma products would be _____ perfect.99.9999
Six Sigma means less than ___ defects in one million products produced.3.4
The most common model for software development today is called ____; the core principles of this model include ethical and attitude perspectives.Agile
____ is a set of highly refined processes that have individual actors with roles; people in these roles are called product owners, development teams, and the ___ MasterScrum
SCRUM: The ____ is responsible for being the voice of the customer or user.product owner
SCRUM: The Scrum Master is an experienced expert in _____ and delivery; it is his or her job to solve problems and make ____ decisions that improve the function of the Scrum


Question Answer
What piece of marketing material would be the most important when running an e-commerce website?coupons
PayPalA payment service used to take customers payments on an e-commerce site
WordpressA content management system
Google AnalyticsA service that generates reports about the visits to a website
What is the function of Google Analytics?statistics


Question Answer
gigabytesa multiple of a byte; eighty billion bytes
megabytesa multiple of a byte; one million bytes
open sourceopen source software is software that is provided free of licensing fees to its users
personal computera general purpose computing device that enables workers to create, manage, store, search for, and process information
project managementused to conceive, plan, and execute projects in any field. These tools are excellent methods of increasing the probability of successful projects
Which of the following would be referred to as a general-purpose computing device that enables workers to create, manage, store, search for, and process information?personal computer
What software is typically used for larger systems?Microsoft Server
What is one expectation of open-source software?free license
The author Darnell Littal believes that "Beyond bad markets and economic news, the number one reason that mergers fail is the absence of a well-understood _____."human performance plan
What is the main purpose of software imaging?to make compressed copies of complete systems

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