Omni Channel Marketing

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Why is retailing important?adds value to products sold
What is retailing?marketing meets the consumer 
Where does retailing occur in the supply chain?at the end of the supply chain
What are the four factors involved in establishing a relationship/strategy with retailers?1. Choosing retailing partners 2. Identifying types of retailers 3. Developing a retail strategy 4. Managing a multichannel strategy
When choosing a retail partner, manufacturers must look at what issues? What is entailed in each of these?-Channel Structure -Customer Expectations -Channel Member Characteristics -Distribution Intensity

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How do retailers create value when providing products? *Fundamental activity-Product -Price -Place -Promotion
Why is price important for retailers?price should match quality
What is meant by the term bricks-and-mortar retailer?refers to a physical presence of an organization or business in a building or other structure. 

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What is the most important aspect of place for retailers? Why?convenient locations, many customers choose stores based on where they are located
What is entailed in creating a store experience and why are these elements important?-entrance -layout -lighting -color -sound -smell
What are the 10 disrupters in retail? What does each entail? Why are they important/what do they mean in terms of being effective?1. omnichannel retail 2. mobile communication 3. big data analytics 4. vertical integration 5. price transparency 6. cyber security 7. changing demographics 8. cross border commerce 9. mobile payments 10. talent requirements

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