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Question Answer
Px between 2nd and 3rd toe webspacemorton neuroma
Hiss planar whipdirect onto cuboid to move tarsal
Lockes techfor 1st metatarsal dorsal glide
Heel lift1.5mm in elderly, 3.0 mm in healthy, do not increase to more than 3 mm each 1 to 2 weeks
Leg lengthfrom AIIS to medial malleolus
Shoe liftuse when gt 10 mm if lt * use heel lift
Srx leg lengthif gt 5 cm
Short leg syndinominate ant rot on short side
Long standing short legget heel lift to about a half of discrepancy, if short standing get it to 100% of discrep
Pirformis counter strainprone with flexion abduction and ext rot of ipsi leg
Ant prostate chapmanposterior margin of IT band
Espht3-6 on right
stomacht5-10 on left
Para sympociput c1 c2 and s2-4
Pancreast5-9 bilateral or right sided
L5sidebent same as oblique axis, rot opposite of sacrum
If gets worse in flexion * point of easeis in extension
MET initial tx positonat restrictive barrier
Iliacus counterstainpt supine bilateral flexion and external rot of hips
Tenderpoint C1angle of mandible
Medial Pterygoid tender pointonly m that closes jaw, 2cm above angle of mandible and inferior to ear
Posterior rib tenderpointcounterstarin by extension, SB awy rot away
HVLAengage restrictive barrier
Counterstrain on inion (just below occipital protruberancemarked flexion
Backward sacral torsion (R on L or L on R)lie lateral recumbent on side of torsion axis, so L oblique axis lay on left side.