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what tertacycline is the antimicrobial agent of choice for Equine Monocytic Ehrlichosis ? :oxytetracycline
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what tetracycline is generally more absorbed from the GI tractdoxycycline
who should never get oral tetracyclines ?horses
what is the drug of choice for campylobacter jejuni in dogs and catserythromycin
what tetras are great for respiratory infectionserythromycin tylosin and tilmicosin
what happens if you give tilmicosin ivcardiotoxicity in all species do to the depletion of cardiac intracellular calcium resulting in negative ianotropic effects
what is effective against gram negative and toxoplasma gondiiclindamycin
oral absorption of what drug is highand unaffected by foodclindamycin
what is good at treating meningeal infectionsclindamycin crosses the BB and the placental one!
what drug leads o fatal enterocolitis and diarrhea in hindgut fermentorsclindamycin or lincomycin
who inhibits the DNA gyrase enzyme aka topoisimerase IIfluroquinolones
what fluoroquinolones are active against pseudomonas aerginosaciprofloxacin and marbofloxacin
which of the floroquinolones are used to treat pyoderma, rickettsial infections, ehrilichiosis in dogs, bartonella in cats, mycoplasma and mycobacteriaenrofloxacin and marbofloxacin
what new gen fluoroquin drug is active against meth-resitant strains of staph and vanco resitant strains of enteropremafloxacin


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what fluroquins are used to treat prostate infectionsenrofloxacin, marbofloxacin, and orbifloxacin
what what drugs are used to treat intracellular infections bc they accumulate in phagocytic cellsrifampin and fluoroquinolones
what is novobiocin mainly used fortreating pen resistant staph
what is the main indication for viriniamycinfeed additive for growth promotion in birds
what drug when taken orally is not absorbed from the GUIT and can be used for bowel sterilization ?polymyxins
what shouldnt be given on its own bc it gets hella resistedrifampin
what chlorma friend is ok for food animalsflorfenical
what is the pramary effect of amiphyllinebronchodilation=pulmonary edema tratment
what drug exerts an atrpine-like vagolytic effectquinidine sulphate
what drug is is better at ventricular that atrial arrythmiasprocainamide hydrochloride
chronic obstructive airway dzmetoprolol tartrate