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speak for God to the people or their leaders, as preachersprophets role
primary passage for understnding prophetic passageduetronomy 18: 9-22
not to be used to obtain direction or information superstitious ritiuals
word used for the offive of the prophetseer
phrase emphazing the holy calling man of God
one who represented the people before god in their worship and sacrificepriest
brought prosperity from Gods handObidence
brought disiciplne in the form of draught famine etcdisobidence
shortest book in the old testamentobadiah
twins who decesdants was constantly at warjacob and esau

Section 2

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king in jersealum during regin an attack took placeJerhoam
moutainous nation occupying south east region of dead seaEdom
spectuclar captial of the nation mentioned abovepetra
nation that was condemed and would be destroyed because of their indefferance to and defiance of Godobdiahs message
two sins of judahs enemy that were denouncedpride , vengeance
edomite family that ruled over the jews during the time of christthe herods
that in which is necessary in the service of godHumility
in connection with the above prophet we are warned about in the new testamentretribution
prophet who begins by describing a terriable plagueJoel
prophet that spoke of the coming judgement of GodThe day of the Lord
spirit poured out , salavation by grace, judgement of nationsThemes of joel
godly priest who death was followed by turning away from the things of godJehoiada
recipents of the above mentioned prophet, prosperous and complacentpeople of judah

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what god is ready to do for those who come to him and turn away from sinForgive
passage quoted by peter partially fulfilled on pentacost joel 2:28-32
involved in the battle of armageddon valley of jehosphat
meaning of the name of a prophet who tried to fly away as fast as he coulddove
prophet who ministered under jeroboam 2 iserals most powerful kingjonah
prophet called to deliever gods message of judgement to the evil empirejonah
nation that flanuted their power before godassyria
city to which the rebellious prophet fled in order to escape the call of godjoppa
that god might be merciful to the assyriansjonahs fear
convicted of their danger suddenly became religioussailors
capatial of evil nation mentioned above whose citizens repented and were delievered from judgementnineveh
historical narrative mentioned by jesus as a picture of his death and ressurectionJonah
show the extent of gods grace message of salvation is for all peoplejonahs purpose
extends to other people including those not of our group back ground race denomation gods love

Section 4

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real, burning, consuming, destroying Gods hatred
power and goodness of god , nature of repentancelessons from jonah
lay person, herding sheep, tending sycamore and fig trees in judean country sideamos
recipents of the message of the above prophet who were beneath a piou veneer of religionnorthern kingdom
seat of calf worship where priest commited shameful actsbethel
injustice, greed, drunkness, swearing, adulterly, oppressionsins denounced
often repeated invitation which brought comfort the the truly godly within the kingdomseek the lord
sumbol of judgement according to rightneouss to test the uprightness of gods peopleplumbline
preist who interviened and tried to stop the preaching amaziah
loaded wagon, roring lion, mutliated sheep, fat cowsstriking metaphors
year iseral was conquered by assyrians 722 bc
first of the minor prophets dramatically potrays our gods constant and presisentent lovebook of hosea
prophet of domestic distress home missionary while jonah was the foregin missionaryhosea

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