Old testament 2

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Section 1

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Beautful woman whose experience portrays a beautiful old testament picture of salvation from sin.Rahab
Where the armies of Isreal met their first defeatAi
Man whose sin brought defeat to IsraelAchan
Two mountains where God people gathered to hear the reading of God's lawEbal and Gerizim
Group who pretended that they traveled a long distance and asked Isreal for a treatyGibeonites
Where Joshua fought an enemy coalition and commanded the sun to stand stillValley of Aijalon
where the tabernacle was set up Shiloh
where Joshua called the entire nation together to remind them that it was God who had given them their landShechem
that which came when the people trusted in God rather their military powerVictory
on old testament book about heroes-12 men and womenJudges
that which was lost by the people of israel after the death of joshua and the eldersSpiritual commitment and motivation
reference to the verse that could be considered the key to the bible book aboveJudges 17:6
isreal's repeated downward spiral into sinsin, servitude, supplication, salvation
steps that moved israel away from God and toward spiritual deteriorationincomplete obedience, intermarriage, and idolatry
the time span of the book of Judges325 years
the left handed judgeEhud

Section 2

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called of God to defeat the forces of King Jabin of HazorDeborah and Barak
judge who struggled with feelings of doubt and inferiority Gideon
son of an immoralJephthah
judge known for his mighty physical exploitsSamson
clearly shown as he delivers his people over and overGod's mercy
the story of God's grace in the midst of difficult circumstancesBook of Ruth
three people in the book mentioned above who remained strong in characterRuth, Naomi, and Boaz
the male relatives in Naomi's householdElimelech, Mahlon, and Kilion
reference to what could be considered the key verse in the 8th book of the bibleRuth 1:16
an attribute of God that must be seen in our relationships with othersFaithfulness
another characteristic of the three main characters of the bookKindness
shown by her loyalty to her mother-in-law, her willingness to break from her former land and customsHigh moral character
the high-quality relationships God makes possible for usTrue Blessing

Section 3

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that which comes from God's supreme control over our livesSafety and security
Woman who came from Moab to live in BethlehemRuth
a book of great beginnings and tragic endingsFirst Samuel
contrary to God's original purpose, but what israel wanted in order to be like surrounding nationsKing
different forms of leadership through which God guided His peopleJudges, priests, prophets, kings
what the success of a real leader depends onDevotion to God
what God desired rather than superficial commitmentobedience
woman who made a promise to God that she would dedicate her son to serve God alongside the priestsHannah
evil sons of the high priest Hophni and Phinehas
location of the defeat of israel by the philistines and the capture of the arkEbenezer
first king of israelSaul
young shepherd and musician who defeated a giantDavid
the site of the defeat of israel by the philistines and the death of saul and his sonsMt. Gilboa
the book that tells the story of the life of israel's second kingSecond Samuel

Section 4

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found in the account, showing that even great people who try to follow God are susceptible to temptation and sinLust, adultery, and murder
no guarantee of an easy and carefree lifeGodliness
a terrible sin which can often come as a result of greatness and powerPride
that which can restore fellowship and peace with GodRepentance
the ideal leader of a new and perfect kingdomChrist
son of Saul who was crowned king at Mahanaim, later assassinatedIshbosheth
woman with whom David sinnedBathsheba
a son of David who incited rebellionAbsalom
that which should never be considered as a mere weakness or flawSin
a book which begins with a unified kingdom, glorious and God centeredI kings
a book of the bible showing the contrast of the lives of those who live for God and those who refuse to do soI kings
the king whose wisdom, power, and achievments brought honor to the Israelite nation and to GodSolomon
a beautiful place of worship and prayer, the center of Jewish religionSolomon's Temple
that which the israelites found attractive which caused their hearts to become cold to God's lawother gods
that which depends upon listening to and obeying God's wordEffective leadership
could be characterized as cruel, power-hungry, and sexually perverseFalse gods

Section 5

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that which we will receive if we are willing to pray, trust God, and turn from our sinsGod's forgivness
man who was that logical person to succeed David as kingAdonijah
brilliant military general and commander of David's armyJoab
God's prominent prophet during David's reignNathan
three things kings were not to multiplyHorses, gold, wives
son of Solomon, a king whose threat of heavier burdens caused rebellion and divided the nationRehoboam
a prophet whose single-minded commitment to God shocks and challenges usElijah
place where the prophet mentioned above became lonely and depressedBroom tree
the way God most often works, rather than through the spectacular and unusualStill small voice
a king whose choice of a spouse had a significant effect on his lifeAhab
a bolg reformer for the Lord, but became entangled in alliances with evil kingsJehoshaphat