Old testament 103 test 3

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Gods ApprovalThat which should alone be our standard for service, not peoles rejection acceptance and rejection of us.
HabakkukProphet who took his questions to God regarding evil
Habakkuks audience Judah, and Gods people of all times who may be asking the diffuclut questions to life
BabylonThe nation after assyria fast becoming the world dominant power
Habbakuks examplean encouragement to us as we struggle to move from doubt to faith
The real problemnot with God and His ways but with our limited understanding of Him
PunishmentThat which would cometo Babylonians after they had fulfilled Gods purpose
HopeGoing beyond our unplesant daily experiences to the joy of knowing God
DanielYoung man who could have despaired after he and thousands of his countryman had been deported to a foregin land after judahwas conqured
Shadrach, Meshach, AbendnegoThree young men with a firm faith in God
Change Their nameshow the king attempted to change the religious loyalty of the young men mentioned above
The Babylonians planto change their thinking y giving rhem a babyloinian education
Daniels Determinationto do what was right and not to give into the pressure around him
Daniels wisdomadujusting to the culture but not comprimising Gods laws

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Daniels positionsfree to be a competont leader in the culture
Survival in a foregin culturelearning about the culture, acheive excellence in work
Nebuchadezzars dream culturerepresented the four kingdoms that would dominate as world powers
Comptent leaderone who never does all the work alone; knows how to delegate and supervise
Daniel 3chapter relating the fascinating account of daniels three friends and the firey furnance, along with Gods intervention and delieverance
BelshazzarThe man who ruled babylon after Nebuchadnezzar
DariusKing of the medes during the time that Daniel was cast into the lions den
Daniel chapter 7-12chapters which dramatically outline Gods future plans
JosephOT character who career resembled that of daniel
BabylonianEmpire that was judged by God and given to the medes
Ten tribesso fractured and dispersed by Assyria, unsure of their real heritage
Ezekieloringinally a priest, but served as a jewish street preacher
Stormthe manner of ezekiels call

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Cheribumtheir presence before the throne of God is assurance that God remebers his promise
Ezekiel 3chapter in which the prophet are called as a "watchmen"
The purpose of ezekielto relate a sovergin, holy God's condemnation of sinful ways and his continuing efforts to restore his people
Object lessons the dramatic way ezekiel often illustrated his message
Condemnation 1-32 Consolation 33-48two prominent themes in the book of ezekiel
Ezekiel 10chapter relating the deptaure of the glory of the Lord from the temple
Ezekiel 37a key chapter in the book, relating the reviving of the nation of iseral
Gog and Maygogassociated with an end of time invasion
Ezekeil 40-48where the prophet describes in detail the new temple and its ministry
Haggiprophet who was reputed to have benn born during the seventy years capatavity
Haggis purposeTo motivate Gods people
Haggis audiencethe remnant that had returned from capatavity and selfishly preoccupied with their own offairs
Haggis themeassuring people of the divine presence of the holy spirit
Zechariaha post exillic prophet who like haggi encouraged the people to rebuild their temple and nation

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Messiah one predicted in apocalyptic imagery
Zechariahs prophecydetails of christ lifethat were written 500 years before their fulfillment
Zechariah 4:6reminds us that it is only through the holy spirit that anything of lasting value is accomplished
Zachariah 9:9the prediction of the triumph entry of Jesus riding into jersulaem
Malachaipostexillic prophet whose words reminded the jews of their willful disobedience
Sins malachi denouncedcontemt for Gods name, offering defilled sacrifices
MAlchais styleemploying a dramatic use of questions
Malachai 4:2Beautifully expressing hope and the possibility of forgivness
Malachais conclusiona promise of the coming of the prophet elijah

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