Old Testament 102 test 1

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Question Answer
to speak for God to the people or their leaders, as preachers, predictors, or watchmenProphet's role
the primary passage for understanding the prophetic officeDueteronomy 18: 9-22
not to be used to obtain direction or information (witchcraft, spells, omens, spiritism, neromancy),Superstitous rituals
a less frequently used word for the office of the prophet, emphasizing the reception of the message fron God (1 Sam. 9:9-11).Seer
a phrase emphasizing the holy calling, moral character, and God -given ministry of the prophet.Man of God
the one who represented the people before God in their worship and sacrifice.Priest
that which brought prosperity from God's handObedience
that which brought discipline in the form of drought, famine, and plagues (Lev, 26; Duet. 11 & 28)Disobedience
shortest book in the OT, an example of God's response to anyone who would harm His children; a warning against anti-Semitism.Obadiah
twins whose descendants who were constantly at war with each otherJacob, Esau
the king in Jerusalem during whose reign an attack took place which is referenced in the above prophecythe Jehoram
mounainous nation, occupying the region southeast of the Dead Sea who gloated over Israel's probelms, captured and delievered fugitives to the enemy and even looted Israel's countrysideEdom
the spetacular capital of the nation mentioned abovePETRA
the nation mentioned above that stood condemned and would be destroyed because they didn't care for God.Obadiah's message
two sins of Judah's enemy that were denounced in the above messagePride, Vengeance
an Edomites family that ruled the Jews during Christ's timeThe Herods
That which is neccesary in God's service, to have it on and walk in itHumility
This was warned against in the NT, connected with above prophetRetribution
Prophet who begins by describing a plague of locustsJoel
Emphasis made by Joel of the coming Judgement of GodThe Day of the Lord
The spirit poured out, salvation by grace, judgement of nations, israel's blessings. (Themes of the mentioned prophet)Themes of Joel
Godly priest whose death was followed by a turning awat from the things of GodJehoiada
Those who heard the message from the above prophet, idolatrous people People of Judah
what God will do for those who look to Him and repentForgive
Passage quoted by Peter, partly fullfilled on Pentecost; foreshadowed coming of the Spirit in end timesJoel 2:28-32
Referenced by Joel, is in Battle of Armageddon (Valley of Je...)Valley of Jehoshaphat
meaning of the name of the prophet who tried to fly away as fast as he couldDove
Prophet who ministered under Jeroboam II, Israel's most powerful kingJonah
Prophet called to prophesy against an evil empire, Israel's most dreaded enemyJonah
nation know for their flaunting of power and acts of crueltyAssyria
city which the rebellious prophet fled to escape GodJoppa
God might be merciful to the Assyrians ( a fear of a certain prophet )Jonah's fear
convicted of their danger surrendered to God, worked on the sea for a livingSailors
capital of Assyria, repented and were saved (biggest revival in the history of mankind)Nineveh
Historical narrative, mentioned by Jesus as His death and resurrection (BIG fish) (one word) (name of prophet)Jonah
purpose that showed how big God's grace is, salvation is for ALL peopleJonah's purpose
extends to others, including different people. (someone's certain Love)God's love
destructive and consuming and scary that will mete out punishment to all who His rule. (Scares you)God's Hatred
power and goodness of God, repentance, God's servant's imperfections, callings, obedience is neededLessons from Jonah
the layperson hired to watch someone else's sheep adn tended to sycamore-fig trees. Called to pronounce judgement (Starts with an A)Amos
Audience of Amos' message who lived in false religion. 1 of 2 kingdoms of IsraelNorthern Kingdom
the seat of calf-worship, priests committed shameful acts here (starts with a B)Bethel
injustice, greed, drunkeness, swearing, adultery, oppresionsins denoucned
repeated invitation that comforted the true ones of God, involves mind body spiritSeek the Lord
odd symbol of judgement according to righteousness, tests uprightness of God's people. Involves toiletPlumbline
priest who intervened and tried to stop Amos from preaching. not so AMAZIngAmaziah
loaded wagon, roaring lion, mutilated sheep, fat cows, basket of ripe fruit. ComparisonStriking Metaphors
The year that Israel was conquered by the Assyrians722 B.C.
First of Minor Prophets, portrays God's persistant loveBook of Hosea
The prophet of domestic distress "the home missionary" Jonah was "the foreign missionary"Hosea