Old testament 102 lesson 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
commanded by God to marry a woman who would be unfaithfulThe Prophet Hosea
wife of the prophetGomer
a name which represented God's punishment upon Ahab and JezebelJezreel
a name which means "no more mercy"Lo-Ruhama
name meaning "no more my peopleLo-Ammi
the behavior of Israel that was like adulteryIdolatry
term used repeatedly in the above prophecy as the symbol of Israel's sinsEphraim
that which surely follows ingratitude toward God and rebelliondisaster
that which follows true repentancerestoration
the fist of the "writing prophets"Isaiah
chapter recording the vision and commision Isaiah 6
the type of angel whose name is derived from the word for "burn"Seraphim
a recognition of how great our God isIsaiah's lessons
the prophet who has given us the most perfect picture of the history characteristics, titles, and mission of ChristIsaiah

Section 2

Question Answer
the aforementioned prophet who emphasizes "salvation"Isaiah
in the above book contains scathing denunciation and pronouncments as the prophet calls judah, israel and the surrounding nations to repent of their sinsChapters 1-39
from the first major prophet are filled with consolation and hopechapters 40-66
two sons of IsaiahShear-Jashub and Maher-shalal-hash-baz
territories which represent that northern kingdom as a wholeZebulun, Naphtali
described in the first major prophet as both a suffering servant and a sovereign lordMessiah
king of judah Hezekiah
an astounding chapter speaking of Jesus, the MessiahIsaiah 53
needed in order to comfort people while effectively confronting sinGod's help
the number of times the greatest prophet is quoted or referred to in the new testament85
a beautiful example of classical Hebrew poetryBook of Micah
sometime referred to as the Golden Rule of the Old TestamentMicah 6:8
predicted by the above prophet as the birthplace of the MessiahBethlehem Ephrathah

Section 3

Question Answer
a phrase which describes that days when God will reign over His perfect kingdomin the last days
prophet whose name means "comforter"Nahum
city viewed by the above prophet as "sinning against the light"Nineveh
murder, cruelty, pride, idolatry, murder, lies, treachery, and social injusticeSins of Nineveh
"The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes."Key verses of Nahum
the nation comforted to know that God is still in controlJudah
people who would be used by God to bring about the utter destruction of NinevehMedes and Babylonians
the date of the fall of the capital of Assyria612 BC
a contemporary of JeremiahZephaniah
certain judgment and horrible punishment awaitZephaniah's message
Seek the Lord, all who are humble, and follow his commands.Zephaniah's key verse
will occur when God judges all those who mistreat His peopleDay of Cheer

Section 4

Question Answer
speaks of the future glory of IsraelZephaniah 3
commonly called "the weeping prophet"Jeremiah
key word of the above mentioned prophet, wicked and deceitfulheart
thrown into prison, and into a cistern, taken to Egypt against his will, rejected by his neighborJeremiah's persecution
when measured by God, involves obedience and faithfulnesssuccess
terrible event described in chapter 39 of the above mentioned prophetdestruction of Jerusalem
reference which speaks of the depravity of the human heartJer 17:9
showed enormous courage by organizing the extraction of a prophet Ebed-Melech
greatest of the Babylonian kingsNebuchadnezzar
evil king of JudahJehoiakim
after the destruction of the nations, God would send a new shepherd, the MessiahJeremiah's prediction