Old testament 102-1

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Section 1

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to speak for God to the people or their leadersprophet's role
the primary passage for understanding the prophetic officeDeut 18:9-22
not to be used to obtain direction or informationsuperstitious rituals
a less frequently used word for the office of the prophetseer
a phrase emphasizing the holy calling, moral character, and God-given ministry of the prophetman of God
the one who represented the people before God in their worshippriest
that which brought prosperity from God's handobedience
that which brought discipline in the form of drought, famine, and plaguesdisobedience
the shortest book in the Old testamentObadiah
twins whose descendants were constantly at warJacob, Esau
the king in Jerusalem during who reign an attack took place which is referenced in the above prophecyJehoram
mountainous nationEdom
spectacular capital of the nation mentioned abovePetra

Section 2

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that the nation mentioned above stood condemned and would be destroyed because of their indifferenceObadiah's message
the two sins of Judah's enemy that were denounced in the above prophecypride, vengence
an Edomite family that ruled over the jews during the time of christThe Herods
that which is necessary in the service of GodHumility
that which, in connection, with the above prophet, we are warned against in the New TestamentRetribution
the prohphet who begins by describing a terrible plague of locustsJoel
the emphasis of the above mentioned prophet who spoke of the coming judgement of GodThe Day of the Lord
the spirity poured out, salvation by grace, judgement of nations, israels blessingsThemes of Joel
the godly priest whose death was followed by a turning away from the things of GodJehoiada
recipients of the message of the above mentioned prophetPeople of Judah

Section 3

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what God is ready to do for those who come to Him and turn away from sinForgive
passage quoted by PeterJoel 2:28-32
referenced by the above prophet as being involved in the Battle of ArmageddonVAlley of Jehoshaphat
the meaning of the name of a prophet who tried to fly away as fast as he couldDove
mentioned as a prophet who ministered under Jeroboam IIJonah
prophet called of God to deliver His message of judgment to a great evil empireJonah
nationed that flaunted their power before God and the worldAssyria
city to which the rebellious prophet fled in order to escage the call of GodJoppa
that God might be merciful to the AssyriansJonah's fear
convicted of their danger, suddenly became religious, sought human helpSailors
capital of the evil nation mentioned aboveNineveh
a historical narrative, mentioned by Jesus as a picture of His death and resurrectionJonah
to show the extent of God's graceJonah's purpose
extends to other people, including those not of our group backgroundGod's love

Section 4

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real, burning, consuming, destroyingGod's hatred
the power and goodness of God, the nature of repentance, the imperfection of servants of the LordLessons from Jonah
a layperson, herding sheep and tending sycamore-fig treesAmos
those who were to be recipients of the message of the above prophetNorthern Kingdom
the seat of calf-worship, where priests commited shameful actsBethel
injustice, greed, drunkeness, swearing, adultery, oppressionsins denounced
the often repeated invitation which brought comfort to the truly godlyseek the lord
the symbol of judgment according to righteousness, to test the uprightness of God's peopleplumb line
the priest who intervened and tried to stop the preaching of the prophet mentioned aboveAmaziah
a loaded wagon, a roaring lion, a mutilated sheep, fat cows, and a basket of ripe fruitstriking metaphors
the year Israel was conquered by the Assyrians722 BC
first of the minor prophetsHosea
the prophet of domestic distressHosea