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The Prophet HoseaCommanded by God to marry a woman that would be unfaithful to him
Gomerwife of prophet mentioned above who lost interest in him and ran after other lovers.
Jezreela name which represented Gods punishment upon ahab and jezebel for their sins against naboth
lo-ruhamaname which means no mercy which God would not have towards Iseral for her sins
idoaltrybehavior of iseral that was like adultery involving illicit relationships with assyria and egypt
Ephraimterm used repeatedly in the above prophecy as the symbol of iserals sins
Disasterthat which surly follows ingratitude toward God and rebellion
Restoration That which follows true repentance, opening the way to Gods forgiveness and a new beginning
IsaiahFirst of the writing prophets generally considered to be the greatest prophet
Isaiah 6Chapter recording the vision and comission of the above mentioned prophet giving alsochis lofty view of Gods greatness
Seraphimtype of angle whose name is derived from the word for burn perhaps indicating their purity as Gods ministers
Isaiahs Lessonsrecongition of how great our God is, how sinful we are, the extent of Gods forgiveness, and the receving of power to do his work
IsaiahThe prophet who has given us the most perfect picture of the history, characteristics, titles, and mission of christ of any of the great hebrew prophets

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Isaiahaformentioned prophet, who emphazies salvation speaking to its wells, joy, walls, garments, helmet, light,
Chapters 1-39in the above book contains scathing denunciation and pronouncments as the prophet calls judah, iseral, and the surrounding nations to repents of their sins
Chapters 40-66from the first major prophet are filled with consolation and hope as the message unfolds Gods promise of future blessings
Shear-Jashub and Maher-shalal-hash-bazTwo sons of Isiahs
Zebeulun, Naphtaliterriorities which represent the nothern kingdom
Messiahdescribed in the first Major prophet as both a suffering servant and a sovereign Lord
HezekiahKing of Judah whose history is given in chapters 36-39
Isaiah 53astounding chapter speaking of jesus
Gods helpneeded in order to comfront people while effectively confronting sin
85the number of times the greatest prophet is quoted or refferred to in the NT
Book Of Micahbeautiful example of classical hebrew poetry, with three parts, each beginning with Attention or Listen
Micah 6:8 Sometimes reffered to as the golden rule of the OT
Bethlehem Ephrathah predicted by the above prophet as the birthplace of the messiah

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In the last days A phrase that describes the days when God will regin over his perfect kingdom
NahumProphet whose name means comforter
Ninevehcity reviwed by the above prophet as "sinning Against the light"
Sins of nineveh murber cruelty pride idoaltry lies treachery and social injustice
key verses of nahumThe Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him
Judahnation comforted to know that God is still in control and that His and justice will one day conquer all evil
Medes and babylonianspeople who wouldbe used by God to bring about the utter destruction of nineveh
612 BCdate of the fall of the capatial of Assyria
Zephaniahcontemporary of Jermiah whose prophecy may have been the motivating factor in josiahs reform
Zephaniahs messagecertain judgement and horrible punishment await all who would defy the Lord
Zephaniahs key verseSeek the lord, all who are hmble, and follow his commands
Day of cheerwill occur when God judges all those who mistreat his people

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Zephaniah Chpt 3Speaks to the future glory of Iseral
Jermiahcommonly called the weeping prophet
Heartkey word of the above mentioned prophet, wicked and decitful
Jermiahs PersecutionsThrown into prison and into a cistern
sucsesswhen measured by God involves obidence and other faithfulness
Destruction of Jerusalemterriable event described in chapter 39 of the above mentioned prophet
Jermiah 17:9refference which speaks of the depravity of the human heart
ebed-melechShowed enourmous courage by organizing the extraction of a prophet from a quagmire filled cistern
Nebuchadnezzargreatest of the babylonian kings extremely proud
Jehoiakimevil king of judah who tried to destroy Gods word
Jeremiahs predictions after destruction of the nation, God would send a new shepard the messiah

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