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Question Answer
TrepeziusO- Occipital Bone, Thoracic Vertebrae; I-Clavicle, Acromion Process and Spine of Scapula; A-Elevates, depresses, adducts )& rotates) scapula, elevates clavicle and &extend neck
Levator ScapulaeO-Cervical Vertebrae; I-Superior/ Vertebral border of scpula; A-Elevates scapula
Rhomboideus Major and MinorA- adducts (&rotates) scapula
Serratus AnteriorO- Lateral aspect of upper ribs; I- Vertebral border of scapula; A- protracts shoulder (&rotates) scapula
Pectoralis MinorO- Anterior aspect of upper ribs; I-Coracoid process of scapula; A- depresses/ protracts shoulders (&rotates) scapula
Pectoralis MajorO- clavicle, sternum, and cartilages of lower rib; I-Just distal to greater tubercle of humerus; A- flex, adducts and medially rotate humerus
DeltoidClavicle, acromion process, and spine of scapula; I- Deltoid tuberosity of humerus; A-extend, flex, and abduct arm
Latissimus DorsiO- spinous processes of thoracic/ lumbar vertebrae, iliac crest; inter-tubercular groove below lesser tubercle of humerus; A- Extends, adducts, and medially rotates arm
Supraspinatus O- Supraspinous fossa of scapula; I- Greater tubercle of humerus; A- abduct arm
InfraspinatusO-Infraspinous fossa of scapula; I- greater tubercle of humerus; -A lateral rotation of arm
Teres MinorO- Lateral border of scapula; I-Greater tubercle of humerus, A- Lateral rotation of arm
Subscapularis O- Subscapular fossa of scapula; I- Lesser tubercle of humerus; A-Medial rotation of arm
Teres MajorO-lateral border of scapula; I-near lesser tubercle of humerus; A-medial rotation of arm
Biceps BrachiiO-(long head) upper lop of glenoid cavity (scapula), (short head)- tip of coracoid process (scapula); I-radial tuberosity of radius; A(@elbow) flex elbow and supinate forearm; A(@shoulder) flexes shoulder/ arm
Coracobrachialis- adducts arm and flexes shoulder
BrachialisFlexes elbow
BrachioradialisFlexes elbow
SupinatorSupinates hand
Pronator teresPronates hand
Pronator quadratusPronates hand
Flexor carpi radialisFlexes and aBducts wrist
Flexor carpi UlnarisFlexes and aDucts wrist
Palmaris longusflexes wrist
Flexor digitorumFlexes fingers
Flexor pollicisFlexes thumb
Extensor carpi radialisExtends and aBducts wrist
Extensor carpi ulnarisextends and aDucts wrist
Extensor digitorumextends fingers
Extensor pollicisextends thumb
InterosseiaBducts metacarpals and phalanges
LumbricalsaDucts metacarpals and phalanges
Gluteus maximusO-iliac crest, sacrum; I-Iliotibial tract; A-Extends and laterally rotates femur
Gluteus medius and MinimusO-iliac crest; I-greater trochanter; A-Abducts femur
Tensor fasciae lataeO-illiac crest, anterior superior illiac spine; I- iliotibial tract (aka iliotibial band, fascia latae); A-Flexes hip, abducts and medially rotates femur
Adductors (Magnus, longus, brevis)- Adduct FemurO- extend from ischial tuberosity forward to pubis; I-Linea Aspera; A- adducts (medial and lateral rotation of femur)
GracilisO-pubic bone; I-Medial surface @ tibial tuberosity; A- adducts and medially rotates femur
Vastus (lateralis, medialis, intermedius)O-Linea Aspera; I-tibial tuberosity; A-extends knee
Rectus femorisO- (anterior inferior) iliac spine; I- tibial tuberosity; A-extends knee, flexes hip
SartoriusO- (anterior superior) illiac spine; I- medial surface @ tibial tuberosity; A- lateral rotation of femur flexes knee+hip
Long head Biceps femorisO-Ischial tuberosity; I-head of fibula; A- extends hip, flexes knee
Semimembranosus and SemitendinosusO-ischial tuberosity; I-medial surface @proximal end of tibia; A-extend hip, flexes knee
Gastrocnemius (Medial Head) (both heads are biarticular)O-Near medial epicondyle; I- Calcaneus; A- Plantar flexes foot, flexes knee
Gastrocnemius (lateral head) and PlantarisO-Near lateral epicondyle of femur; I- calcaneus; A- plantar-flexes foot, flexes knee
SoleusO- posterior surface of proximal tibia and fibula; I-calcaneus; A-plantar flexes foot
Tibialis AnteriorO- Proximal shaft of tibia; I- Ventral/ medial surface of 1st metatarsal; A-dorsiflexes and inverts the food
Extensor digitorumO-proximal shaft of fibula; I-Dorsal surface of phalanges; A-Extends digits
Fibularis (peroneus) longus and breviseverts and plantar-flexes foot
Tibialis posteriorinverts and plantar-flexes foot
Flexor digitorumO-proximal shaft of tibia; I- ventral surface of phalanges; A-flexes digits
SternocleidomastoidO- Sternum and clavicle; I- mastoid process; A- Rotates head, flexes neck
Abdominal wallO-pubic symphysis; I- Costal cartilage and xiphoid process; A- depress ribs, flexes vertebral column
TemporalisO-frontal, temporal, parietal bones; I- coronoid process or mandible; A-elevates and retracts mandible
MasseterO-zygomatic arch; I-lateral surface of mandibular ramus/ angle; A- elevates and protracts mandible
Pterygoid(s)O- pterygoid plates of sphenoid bones; I- Medial surface of mandibular ramus/ angle/ condyle; A- elevates/ protracts/translates the mandible
InfrahyoidsO-sternum, clavicle, laynx; I-hyoid; A-depress hyoid and depress mandible