Official Inorganic Acids(Informatory)

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Boric AcidSal Sedativum Hombergi
Boric AcidOrthoboric acid (technical name), Boracic acid (old name)
Boric AcidSoluble in water & alcohol, freely soluble in glycerin, boiling water and boiling alcohol.
Boric AcidIndicator: Phenolphthalein
Boric AcidCan be esterified with other polyhydroxy compounds such as glycol, mannitol and catechol.
Boric AcidBorate solution, acidified with HCl, added with iodine TS and polyvinyl alcohol solution (1 in 50): an intense blue color.
Boric AcidWhen ignited, forms green- bordered flame with H2SO4 and methanol.
Boric Acid:Poisoning Scarlatiniform rash or boiled lobster appearance

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Hydrochloric AcidStrong monoprotic acid – Reacts with metal oxide and hydroxides producing metal chloride and water
Hydrochloric AcidHydrogen _______can be displaced by metals preceding hydrogen in the electromotive series to cause evolution of hydrogen gas
Hydrochloric AcidIndicator: Methyl orange
Hydrochloric Acid:chloride_______ion causes precipitation of insoluble chlorides of metals such as Ag, Pb, and Hg (I).
Hydrochloric Acid_______ can be oxidized by strong OA, resulting to evolution of chlorine gas.
Manufacture of HCl– Pan acid – Roaster acid
Muriatic Acidtechnical grade of HCl containing 35 – 38% HCl + impurities including chlorine, arsenous and sulfurous acids and iron. (Yellow color)
Diluted Hydrochloric AcidContains not less than 9.5 and not more than 10.5 g of HCl in 100 mL solution.
Diluted Hydrochloric AcidUsed in extraction of basic drugs, and to test for alkaline properties.

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Nitric AcidEau forte (strong water)
Nitric AcidXanthoproteic test (nitration of aromatic amino acids) – yellow stain – Strong monoprotic acid
Nitric Acid– Strong Acid – Strong OA
Nitric Acid:indicator Indicator: Methyl red
Phosphoric AcidOrthophosphoric Acid
Phosphoric Acid Strong triprotic acid /Non-volatile and non-oxidizing acid
Phosphoric Acidinvolves titration of first two protons only.
Phosphoric AcidIndicator: Thymolphthalein
Phosphoric AcidCan also act as a base (amphiprotic or amphoteric)

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Sulfuric AcidOil of Vitriol (by Basil Valentine)
Sulfuric AcidStrong diprotic acid
Sulfuric AcidIndicator: Methyl red
Sulfuric AcidDehydrating agent
Sulfuric Acid Acid properties(OA)
Sulfuric Acid (Metals above H) form sulfate salts + H2 gas
Sulfuric Acid (Metals below H) Evolution of SO2
Sulfuric Acid Sulfonating or sulfating agent
Sulfuric Acid Sulfonic acids
Sulfation An esterification reaction taking place between sulfuric acid and alcohols.
Oleum or fuming sulfuric acid (Nordhausen acid)Sulfur trioxide dissolves in conc. H2SO4 to form somewhat viscous liquid



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HClMethyl Orange
HNO3Methyl Red
H2SO4 Methyl Red