Odyssey Questions

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Book IX

Question Answer
Which encouter does Odysseus and his men have before Polyphemos?They sacked Ismarus and took the Cione's wives and possesions.
Why is it necessary for Odysseus to take some of his men by force away from the land of the Lotos-Eaters?Eating the lotus caused the men to loose the desire to return home.
What kind of creature does Odysseus encounter in the next land?Cyclopes
Why does Odysseus lead his men into Polyphemos' cave?he thinks he will find food, hospitality, and shelter.
What happens when Polyphemos finds Odysseus and his men in the cave?He takes two of Odysseus' men, kills and eats them.
How is Odysseus able to wound Polyphemos?He and his men sharpen a log and jam it into his eye, blinding him.
How do Odysseus and his remaining men escape from the cave?They hide under Polyphemos' sheep while the sheep walk out of the cave.
How is the craftiness and cunning of Odysseus revealed in this escape?He hides his men on the underside of the sheep becuase he knows Polyphemos will not check there and he tells Polyphemos his name is "Nobody" so that even though Polyphemos yells, " 'Nobody' blinded me" no one comes to his rescue.
Why does Odysseus reveal his name to Polyphemos after he has escaped?He is a bit arragant and wants Polyphemos to know the name of the clever man who outwitted him.

Book X

Question Answer
What natural phenomenon is controlled by Aiolos?Aiolos controls the wind
How does Aiolos show his goodwill when Odysseus is about to leave?He gives Odysseus the bag of winds so that they won't bother him while he is sailing.
Odyssus and his men come withing sight of Ithaka. Why do they not land?They do not land becuase his men believing it to be a treasure, open the bag of winds and they are blown back to Aiolos' island.
Odysseus asks for further help from Aiolos. What is his reply?Aiolos refuses to further help Odysseus for Aiolos believes Odysseus is cursed by the Gods.
Describe the Laestrygonians.The Laestrygonians are giant, blood-thirsty cannibals.
Who helps Odysseus outwit Kirke?Hermes the messenger to the gods helps Odysseus outwit Circe.
Why must Odysseus visit the house of Hades?Odysseus has to visit the house fo Hades to speak with the blind prophet Teiresias who will tell him how to get back home.

Book XI and XII

Question Answer
How does Odysseus gain access to the underworld?Odysseus follows Circe's instructions and digs a votire pit. He pours libations to the dead, and sacrifices the lamb and ewe given to him by Circe.
What does Odysseus promise Elpenor?He promises to return to Circe's hous and give Elpenor a proper burial.
Why does Odysseus not let his mother come near the blood?He needs all of the blood for Teiresias he won't let anyone drink it until he speaks to Tiresias.
What does Teiresias tell Odysseus?Teiresias tells Odysseus how to get past each obstacle and arrive home safely.
Who comes to speak to odysseus after all th esouls of the women have departed?Agamemnon, who tells Odysseus about the treachery of this wife Clytemnestra.
What does this person tell Odysseus?He tells him of the fates of his comrades at Troy and how he was murdered by his wife and her lover.
Many other heroes speak to Odysseus, and he learns of their fates. What happens to Tantalos?For eternity, Tantalos must stand Chin deep in a pool of water with a fruit tree above his head. He is eternally hungry and thirsty and every time he tries to drink the water sinks away, and every time he tries to eat the fruit, it raises above his head.
What punishment is sisyphos enduring?Sisyphos must push a boulder up a hill for eternity. He can stop when he gets it to stay at the top, but it always rolls back down, making him have to start over again.
How do the Seirines destroy men, and how do Odysseus nad his men avoid destruction?The Sirens lure men to their island with their beautiful enchanted singing. The men either drown trying to get there, or wast away on the rocks listening to them. Odysseus plugs all his men's ears with wax and ties himself to the mast so he can hear their singing.
What are Skylla and Karybdis?Skylla is a six headed monster. Charybdis is a giant whirlpool moster.
What happens to Odysseus' compainions?Six of Odysseus' men are eaten by Skylla and their ship and the remaining men are sucked down by Charybdis, destroying them.
What happens ot Odysseus?Odysseus, following Teiresias advice, stays on the side of the ship closest to Scylla and she misses him, keeping him safe.

Book XIII and XIV

Question Answer
How does Poseidon react when he discovers that the Phaiakians has aided Odysseus in reaching Ithaka?Poseidon is angy that Odyssesus has reached Ithaka easily and with great presents. He punishes the Phaiakins by turing the ship to stone just as it reaches their harbor. He then erects a ring of high mountains around the island, cutting them off from their livelyhood.
How does Odysseus react when he awakens on land?He does not know where he is.
WHy does Athena now reveal herself to Odysseus?So that she can reassure him that he is in Ithaka and further help him to reach his home. She also wants to help him plan his revenge on Penelope's suitors.
Where does Athena send Odysseus first?She sends him disguised as a begger to his loyal swineheard.
What task does Athena first stet out to do?She goes to Lakedaimon to bring Telemakos home.
Who is Eumaeus?Eumaeus is Odysseus' faithful swineheard.
Why does Odysseus hide his identity from Eumaeus?Odysseus wants to test Eumaios' loyalty.
Does Eumaeus believe Odysseus' tale?Eumaios believes all except the part where Odysseus is said to still be alive.

Book XV, XVI, and XVII

Question Answer
Telemakhos receives an omen fas he is about to depart. What is it and what does it mean?a mountain eagle holding a white goose in it's talons flies to the right over the horses. Helen interprets the sign to mean that Odysseus will soon return to Ithaka and take revenge on the suitors.
Who journeys to Ithika with Telemakhos and his companions?Theokymenos, a gifted prophet and a fugitive from Argos, joins him.
Odysseus has a plan tha the shares with Eumaeus. What is it?Odysseus plans to go to his own house asn ask for a job as a servant for the suitors.
What is Eumaeus' reaction to Odysseus' idea?He dissaproves
How did Eumaeus com to be swineherd for Odysseus?He was kidnapped by his nurse and a group of Phoinikian traders who sold him to Laertes.
Which are the two signs that the gods send to Telemakhos and Odysseus?And eagle carrying a white goose flies bpast Telemakhos on the right side and a falcon carrying a pigeon flies past Odysseus on the right side.
What action does Odysseus take?He reveals his true identity to Telemakhos.
What instructions does Odysseus give to Telemakhos?He tells him to go home and wait for his father's arrival as a beggar. he warns telemakhos not to interfere if hte suitors are rude, but to wait for the signal ro hide all weapons except their own he also reminds Telemakhos not to let anyone know that he (odysseus) has returned.
Penelope greets Telemakhos when he harrives home and askes to hear his news. Telemakhos' version and that of Theoklymenos differ how are they different?Telemakhos does not tell that Theoklymenos read an omen that Odysseus is already on Ithaka. Instead he says he was told Odysseus would soon return. Theoklymenos tells of his own prophecy.
Identify the speaker "See now how the rascal comes on leading a rascal about: like guides what is like itself, jast as a god does."The speaker is Eury machos the most ardent suitor. He is speaking to Penelope's maidservants.
What two physical assaults does Odysseus endure?First Odysseus is kicked by Melanthios at the fountain and then he is hit by a footstool thrown by antinoos in his own home.
Who is Argus, and what happens to him?Argus is Odysseus beloved dog who recognizes Odysseus disguised as a beggar when Odysseus and Eumaios approach the house. He is old and happily dies, having seen Odysseus.

Book XVIII, XIX, XX, and XXI

Question Answer
What occurs between Odysseus and Iros? Why?Odysseus and Iros have a fist fight to decide which beggar may stay.
What reward does Odysseus (still disguised) give to Amphinomos for helping him?Odysseus while still concealing his true identity, warns Amphinomous of the fate awaiting the suitors.
What does Penelope do that makes Odysseus happy?Penelope makes Odysseus happy as she enriches the house by requestiong expensive gifts from the suitors.
How does Odysseys come to be a target for the foot stool again?Odysseus insults Eurymachos, and Eurymachos throws a stool in retaliation.
What action does Odysseus take now?Odysseus and Telemachos remove the weapons from the wall.
How does Eurykleia discover the identity of Odysseus?Eurykleia recongizes a scar on his leg when she washes his feet.
What contest does Penelope devise to test the suitors?Penelope decides whoever can string the bow of Odysseus and send an arrow trought the iron of twelve axes shall be her husband
Who tells Odysseus (the beggar) that if Odysseus were to return he would help to destroy the suitors?Philoitios the cowheard does.
While the suitors are plotting Telemakhos' death they see an omen. WHat is it and what does it mean?They see and eagle with a dove in it;s claws crossing their path from the left. Amphiomos says the sign means their plan will not work.
Who warns that evil will come to the suitors before he leaves the house?Theoklymenos does
Who, other than Odysseus as the strength and power to string the bow?Telemakhos does
To what men does Odysseus reveal his identity?he reveals his identity to Eumaios and Philoitius.
What is Odysseus' plan?Odysseus plans to kill the suitors


Question Answer
Which men does Odysseus spare from the slaughter?Odysseus spares Phemios the minstrel and Medon the herald.
What happens to the disloyal serving women?Telemakhos hangs all of them.
Why is Penelope so hesitant to greet her husband?She fears it is a trick of the gods. She wants to be sure it is Odysseus.
How does Penelope test Odysseus?She tells servants to bring out his bed; tests his reaction
Where does Odysseus go next?He goes to Laertes, his father's home.
Why does Laertes wear rags and not bathe?He is despondant that he won't see his son again.
What does Athena do when the families of the dead suitors attack Odysseus?Athena, disguised as Mentor appeared and told Odysseus to invoke a small skirmish. Then Athena called out for peace and the men fled, later to make and agreement with Odysseus.
In the oral epic ther is a lot of repetition. List some lines that hve been used by the poet repeatedly."rosy-fingered Dawn appeared" "The grey-eyed godess, Athena" "O- my swineheard you replied" "O hear me"