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____ million americans are living with alzheimer's disease5.4 million
1 in _____ older american has Alzheimer's disease1/8
Alzheimer's disease is the ____th leading cause of death in the US6th
t/f: alzheimer's disease cannot be prevented, cured or even slowedtrue
_______ consists of a slow, progressive, chronic decline in intellectual abilities including memory, thinking and judgmentDementia
what are the 3 most common causes of dementia?Alzheimer's, vascular disease (like stroke), & Parkinson's disease
in alzheimer's disease, progressive destruction of the neurons leas to atrophy of the ____ ____ and enlargement of the _____cerebral cortex; ventricles
Which portions of the nervous system are typically spared in alzheimer's disease?Motor, visual, and somatosensory
CVA (stroke) ranks where in the causes of death?3rd most common
which is more common, hemorrhagic or non-hemmorhagic stroke?Non-hemmorhagic (80%) (including Atherosclerosis, Infarction, Ischemic)
which has gradual onset, hemorrhagic or non-hemorrhagic stroke?non-hemorrhagic (including Atherosclerosis, Infarction, Ischemic)
following a stroke incident... elective dental tx should be deferred for how long?6 months
what type of anesthesia injections are more appropriate for stroke patients?Infiltration and PDL injections
t/f: seizures are required for an epilepsy diagnosistrue
t/f: if you have a seizure then you have epilepsyfalse (not necessarily true, seizures can be brought on by a myriad of things other than epilepsy including sleep deprivation, stress, fever)
______ _______ (such as a smell or visual disturbance) come before seizures commonly and can give epileptic patients indication that they are about to have a seizure. premonitory aura
the ____ phase of tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal) is associated with muscle rigidity, pupil dilation, eyes rolling up, and loss of consciousnessTonic phase
the ____ phase of tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal) is associated with uncoordinated beating movements of limbs and head, forcible jaw closing and head rockingClonic phase
Grand mal seizures usually last less than ____ seconds90 seconds
seizures can be managed with early administration of _____benzodiazepine
occurrence of repeated seizures over a short time without recovery is called ____ ____ and EMS should be activated as it is life-threateningstatus epileptics
Epileptic patients commonly have gingival overgrowth secondary to _______Phenytoin
In terms of prosthodontic tx of epileptic patients... which is preferable, removable or fixed?fixed
______ _____ is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder of neurons that produce dopamineParkinson's disease
How does parkinson syndrome affect salivary function?hyper salivation
what is the most common autoimmune disease of the nervous system?Multiple Sclerosis
____ _____ is a disease characterized by chronic and continuous demyelination of the cortical spinal tract neuronsMultiple Sclerosis
Facial pain symptoms of what autoimmune disease of the nervous system can mimic trigeminal neuralgia?Multiple Sclerosis