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The primary purpose of understanding lab tests and testing for dentists confirm med diagnoses through consult and determine patient's ability to withstand dental care
t/f: the creatinine clearance test compares the mat of creatinine in the blood with the amount excreted in the urine over a 24h periodtrue
t/f: an elevated reticulocyte count is a normal physiologic response to blood losstrue
how would anemia be expected to affect the tests?low hematocrit & low hemoglobin
40 yo patient with low MCV, low MCH & guaiac positive still most likely has what?Iron deficiency
Serum liver enzymes suggest the amount of _____ destructionhepatocyte
what are the 7 ions analyzed in a Chem 7?Na, K, Cl, CO2, BUN, Creat, & Glucose
what is the normal range for platelet count?150k-400k
what is the normal range for WBC count?4.5k-11k
A Left shift of PMN's would lead to what?increased immature PMNs (1-2 lobes)
A right shift of PMN's would lead to what?increased mature PMN's (4 lobes)
antibiotic prophylaxis is required for a PMN count below what?500
Which specific iso-enzyme of Creatinine Phosphokinase is specific to the heart and so a good indicator of MI?MB band (aka cardiac troponin)
what condition is suggested by liver enzymes when AST>ALTalcohol related liver disease
what condition is suggested by liver enzymes when ALT 10X > ALTviral hepatitis
Acid-fast stain is used for what condition?Tuberculosis
KOH preparations are used to screen what type of infection?Fungal infection
India ink preparation is used for what in CSF?Cryptococci

lab result... what does this indicate?

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Low MCVMicrocytosis
High MCVMacrocytosis
High MCHHyperchromia
Low MCHHypochromic anemia