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Question Answer
What does NOT describe Acute coronary syndromes?Less severe and shorter duration than AP
What is NOT an early sign of HTN ?dizziness, tinnutits or headache
What sth e most common cause of CHF?coronary heart disease
Statement 1: The ejection fraction (EF) is the amount of blood pumped out of the ventricle divided by the total amount of blood in the ventricle. Statement 2: A normal EF value would be between 40-50%.State 1 = True State 2= False
T/F We can use appropriate levels of local anesthetic (2 carpules 1:100,000 epi) in nearly all patients no matter what their blood pressure is.True
T/F In a patient with right sided heart failure a common sign would be pulmonary edema.False --- should say peripheral edema
What is NOT one of the 4 main risks /risk of coronary hear disease
A medical history affords an opportunity for all of the following, EXCEPTStudying restorative procedures to retain teeth, dentistry and new dental materials
Which of the following is NOT one of the ABCDEs?altering medication timing/ dose
Sustained HTN can lead to hypertrophy of the _________. to compensate for the elevated BP.left ventricle
Perioperative myocardial ischemia and cardiovascular complications are more prevalent in persons who are unable to achieve activity equivalent to _________ METs.4
T/F Patients with an initial Stage 1 Hypertension reading will need to be followed up within the next 2 months.true
T/F For a person with prehypertension, it is important to recheck blood pressure at least every 2 yearsfalse
Which of the following is appropriate for a dental patient who had an MI within the past 30 days?avoid elective dental care
Which if the following is not a proven possible etiology for ischemic heart disease?vitamine deficiency
If a patient describes a sudden onset of pain that typically occurs predictably, lasts for less than 15 min and is exercise induced, which category of Angina would best fit?stable angina
WHAT STATEMENTS ARE TRUE a. Ischemic symptoms may be produced when occlusion reaches 75% of the cross-sectional area of the artery. b. In most instances of an acute coronary event, the vessels typically are less than 50% occluded by plaque growth. c. With outward proliferation, the size of the arterial lumen is progressively reduced (stenosis); thus, blood flow may be chronically decreased causing the demand for oxygen to exceed the supply thereby causing ischemic pain.A and B
Which statements are true: 1. In primary hypertension, the basic underlying defect is a failure in the regulation of vascular resistance. The mechanisms of control of vascular resistance include neural reflexes, continual maintenance of sympathetic vasomotor tone, and effects mediated by neurotransmitters.both statements are true
T/F The danger of epinephrine use in a patient taking selective beta blockers is that the beta blocker prevents vasodilation; therefore, the vasoconstriction effect of epinephrine is unopposed.true
What are the main symptoms of Cad?fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain , no symptoms
Which prescription is least likely to be written for an African American aged over 60?CCB+ ACEI
Which of the following statements is true? A. An unstable angina can be induced by exercise or insertion. B. A prinzmetal angina is very predictable. C. A stable angina can occur at any time.all are false
If a patient on a nonselective beta blocker receives a systemic dose of epinephrine, what is the effect?b) beta blocker prevents the vasodilation, leaving unopposed alpha vasoconstriction
Which of the following can be expected after a systemic dose of epinephrine is given to a patient taking non-selective beta-blockers:alpha vasodilation
T/F Sustained HTN can lead to hypertrophy of the Right Ventricle to compensate for the elevated BP. This statement isFalse
Which of the following is true of angina?B. Pain often radiates to the left arm, neck, jaw, or back* C. Stable
Cardiac arrhythmias are divided into 3 risk levels (major, intermediate, and minor). An example of a major risk is a first or second degree AV block.first statement is TRUE//// second statement is FALSE
What is the minimum SBP/DBP that qualifies a patient for HTN?140/90
What are 3 ways to describe angina?1. unstable 2. stable 3. prinzmetal
According to the JNC 8, what is the is the threshold for 60 year or older patients?<150/90 mmHg
What are the Vitamin K dependent coagulation factors?Coagulation proteins: factors II (prothrombin), VII, IX and X
T/F Patient at risk for arrhythmia: One of the signs and symptoms is tachycardia with a heart rate >100bpmTRUE
Which statements are true. Any patient who has symptomatic heart failure should not be treated for elective dental treatment, however, if the patient has asymptomatic heart failure any necessary dental treatment may be providedboth statements are true
All of the following are chronic complications of diabetes except?liver failure
Check all of the following that are oral manifestations of hyperthyroidism1. accelerated dentaleruption in children 2. perio disease 3. burning mouth syndrome 4. increased susceptibility to caries
Which of the following is a hypothyroidism disease?Hashimoto's thyroiditis
If a pt presents to your office with delayed eruption, enamel hypoplasia, anterior open bite, macroglossia, and thick lips. You get the blood results back and the pt has elevated TSH and low thyroxine. Which of the following gland disorders does this patient most likely have?Hypothyroidism
All of the following are symptoms of thyroid crisis exceptbradycardia
Upon oral examination, you find the following: macroglossia, micrognathia, thick lips, dysgeusia, and enamel hypoplasia. Which of the following diseases may contribute to these findings?Hypothyroidism
Which panel should be ordered for a patient suspected of anemia?CBC
T/F HTN has no primary causetrue
T/F Prinzmetal angina is induced by exercise or exertion.False
T/F A high therapeutic index indicates a lower safety risk of a drugfalse
Non selective beta blockers are contraindicated to epinephrine use due to action on:beta 2 blocking vasodilation
Coronary artery disease leading to chest pain that occurs at rest, shows ECG changes, and is most likely due to spasm of a coronary artery is:prinzmetal angina
A reasonable AIC goal for non pregnant adults is:7%
A patient with accelerated dental eruption as a child, burning mouth syndrome, heat intolerance, increased appetite, weight loss, tremor and nervousness could be suffering from what disease/condition?Graves disease and toxic adenomas
T/F A high therapeutic index indicates a lower safety risk of a drugtrue
If a patient has a platelet count of ______, then there is an increased risk of clinical bleeding.60,000
Which of the following is NOT an oral manifestation of hyperthyroidism? Macroglossia
Ischemic heart disease and arrhythmias: which are NOT non-modifiable risks for cardiovascular disease?inactivity
Diabetes Mellitus: which are symptoms of type 1 diabetes?loss of energy, increased thirst and diabetic ketoacidosis
what reading defines stage 1 hypertension145/95
What condition would you expect based on the following signs/symptoms: Delayed eruption, Enamel Hypoplasia, Macroglossia, Micrognathia, Thick lips, Dysgeusia?hypothyroidism
t/f In Primary Hyperthyroidism one would expect a decrease in TSH and an increase in Free Thyroxine (FT) levels whereas Secondary Hyperthyroidism might either manifest with an increase or normal levels of TSH.true
T/F If the target blood pressure is not reached within two weeks after initiating therapy, the dosage of the initial medication should be increased, or a second medication should be added.false
Before any elective invasive dental treatment is performed for a patient with HIV, the complete blood count (CBC) should be evaluated. If the results indicate HIV has progressed then antibiotics should be added or treatment should be deferred.true
T/F It is possible for angina to present a referred pain in the mandibleTrue
What is the STANDARD screening test for HIV diagnosis?ELISA
Which of the following might you see in Paget’s Disease?increased alkaline phosphatase
T/F The normal hemoglobin range for females is 12-16 gm/dl, and for males is 14-18gm/dlfalse
Pharmacologic management of patients with stable angina pectoris includes all the following EXCEPT:MAOIs
Which statement true/false. If a person has more segmented PMNs "segs" this mean they are more mature and more effective at fighting infections. This would be considered a "left shift".State 1 i true, statement 2 is false
T/F Patients with a BP of <180/110 mmHg may receive any necessary dental treatment.true
If a patient admitted to having bulimia, characterized by episodes of binge eating and then vomiting, what would you expect in her chemistry 7 panel?high sodium, low chloride
Identifiable causes of hypertension include all the following except:migraines
T/F Symptoms of cardiac arrhythmias include palpitations, fatigue, and syncope.true
T/F The four risks of arrhythmia are infection, bleeding, drug interactions, and risk of medical emergency.true
Calcium channel blockers are recommended for patients with which underlying condition?diabetes
What is a symptom/sign of arrhythmia?a) Bradycardia <60bpm AND b) Tachycardia >100bpm
People with prediabetes have an increased risk of developing what?Type 2 diabetes and stroke
What is a cause of Hypothyroidism?Overexposure to iodine
What characterizes PCR test?high sensitivity and low specificity
T/F To reduce hypoglycemia risks a person with type 1 diabetes should use insulin analogstrue
True or false: Epinephrine has the same pharmacologic effect that is the same as insulin.FALSE
T/F In the untreated or poorly treated thyrotoxic patient, the use of epinephrine is well tolerated.false
Normal platelet range values are:150,000 - 450,000/μL
Requests for information to a patient's physician should be in the form of:letter, fax or phone call
Microcytic-hypochromic anemia can be caused bythalassemia, iron deficiency and lead poisoning
A high white blood cell count could mean1. infection 2. malignancy
What is JNC-8?a. Evidence based guideline for the treatment of hypertensive adults
In regards to hyperglycemia, what are symptoms which should we should look for?thirst, blurry vision and feeling tired
True or False. According to JNC8, a lower threshold for blood pressure is recommended for patients that have diabetes, CKD and CAD.false
The effects of B1 adrenoreceptor stimulation include of all of the following EXCEPT: increased peripheral resistance
At an ejection fraction of _____ there may be evidence of MI or cardiomyopathy.40
A patients INR should be recorded every ________ weeks and patient should get an INR reading _____ hours before a surgical/ SRP procedures.4-6; 48
All of the following arrhythmias represent minor risk EXCEPT:Super ventricular arrhythmia
All of the following constitute a physician referral with a diabetic patient before dental treatment except:blood glucose value >250 mg/dl
_____is the preferred initial medication for type II diabetes because it does not cause the typical hypoglycemic episode associated with most diabetes medications.metformin
In patients infected with HIV, at what CD4 count do oral lesions typically appear according to clinical studies?<400
Microcytes are spherical blue/black inclusions of red blood cells seen on Wright stained smears. They are often seen in patients with amyloidosis, severe hemolytic anemia, megaloblastic anemia.b. First statement is false. Second statement is true. (Howell-Jolly bodies)
Recommended INR for normal patients is _________, but is _________ for patients with atrial fibrillation, treatment and prevention of venous thrombosis, or postsurgical placement of hip, knee prostheses.
0.8-1.2; 2.0-3.0

GFR is of interest because most drugs administered or prescribed in dentistry are eliminated from the body via _________.
renal excretion
2. Endocarditis prophylaxis is reasonable for dental procedures that involve
**C. all dental procedures that involve manipulation of gingival tissue or the periapical region of teeth or perforation of the oral mucosa

Hyponatremia could be attributed to all of the following EXCEPT
excess water loss

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Question Answer
A medical history affords an opportunity for all of the following, EXCEPT:**C. Studying restorative procedures to retain teeth, dentistry and new dental materials
True/ False: We can use appropriate levels of local anesthetic (2 carpules 1:100,000 epi) in nearly all patients no matter what their blood pressure istrue
True or False: In a patient with right sided heart failure a common sign would be pulmonary edema. falsae