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ANUG drug TxMetronidazole + Augmentin
T/F - Oral lesions are often NOT CONTAINED, so they are DIFFICULT to evaluate. FALSE
Testing AIDS severityCD4+ count
T/F - Antibiotic prophylaxis may be indicated to protect patient's with AIDS or related conditions from post op infections.TRUE
T/F - 25% of patients with renal disease are more likely to develop cardiovascular attacks, such as MI or strokeTRUE
Most common oral manifestation of HIV infection is...candidiasis
T/F - Patients that have been exposed to AIDS and are HIV-seropositive, but asymptomatic may receive all indicated dental treatment. TRUE
Do we discontinue WARFARIN, CLOPIDOGREL, ASPIRIN, or DABIGATRIN for general dental procedures?NO
T/F - HIV/AIDS oral lesions correlate with HIV viral load and don't change with ART.TRUE*** (qualms with question)
T/F - CD4+ <200 is diagnostic for AIDS.TRUE
T/F - Absolute neutrophil count <500 requires antibiotic prophylaxis.TRUE
T/F - Platelets <20k spontaneous bleeding is possible.TRUE
T/F - INR 3-4 is ideal for pts on anticoagulant.FALSE (2-3)
T/F - INR 2-3 is ideal for pts on anticoagulant.TRUE
There is a strong relationship between impaired ___ function and incident CVD in HIV+ patients.renal
HIV+ pt with NUP. What does it tell you about CD4 count?CD4 count is 20.8x more likely to be <200cells/mm3
Can it take forever before AIDS diagnosis is made?yup (15 years......)
NR + NNRTI + INSTI + booster = _______combination antiretrovirals
HIV --> oral lesions -- predisposing factorspoor oral hygiene, smoking, xerostomia, HIV viral load >3000 copies/mL, CD4+ <200
Define - thrombocytopenialow platelet count - <150k platelets
Severe thrombocytopenia is < ___ platelets<50k platelets (need platelet replacement before surgical procedures)
HIV/AIDS - Undetectable viral load is...<40 copies / mL
Name 3 oral manifestations of HIV.kaposi sarcoma, hairy leukoplakia, ANUG/ANUP, candidiasis
Severe candida infection tx.Fluconazole
AJCC staging - Stage 1 and 2 cancers are treated with a ___ modality.SINGLE
Name 4 acute radiation therapy toxicities.mucositis, odynophagia, radiation dermatitis, glossitis
Define - odynophagiapainful swallowing
HPV ___ is responsible for oropharyngeal cancers.HPV 16/18
When managing Head and neck cancer, cells are most sensitive to DNA damage before and during Mitosis. This is also know as late G2 and M phases of the cell cycle.???????????????
For smokers who begin around the age of 18, by the time they are in their 30’s they will lose up 4-5 teeth from smoking.TRUE
Standard of care for oral of primary and regional LNs
T/F - According to Dr. John Stewart, when providing radiation on a patient, we always use a square portal instead of shaping it to the desired planning target volume.FALSE
What is the primary target of radiation?DNA
Repeated small doses of radiation to allow repair of subepithelilal damage.solution fractionation
Is poor oral hygiene a risk factor for H&N cancer?yes
What cell stage is most sensitive to radiation?mitosis
HPV's E6 and E7 inactivate ___ and ___ which increases ___.p53, Rb, p16
T/F - Fractionating allows the patient to receive higher cumulative doses of radiation without exceeding acceptable toxicity. This technique moves the surviving cells/cumulative dose curve closer to that of the initial alpha curve.TRUE
Name 3 component of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy.highly conformal, multiple beam angles, normal tissue sparing by prioritizing target coverage


Question Answer
Normal WBC lab value4,500 - 11,000
Normal platelets150-400k