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Oceans Sociology 101


Oceans Sociology

Father of sociologyAugust Comte
Development of SocFrench Revolution
Interaction of 2+ persons withinframework of an institution
unit of analysis in psychologypersonality
systematic study ofhuman behavior
unit of analyis in sociologydemographic characteristics
7 demographicsage gender ses race religion ethnicity geographic location
3 defining sesoccupation income education
geographiesurban suburban rural
similar demographicsact similar
Nany number
any group to be studieduniverse
larger N selected in random samplemore reflective of universe
randomunsystematic, every one has a chance
all stats indicateluck or not
if not luckimportant
data clusters in bell curvecentral tendency
margin of error occursa sample is less accurate than a universe
decrease margin of errorincrease N of sample
7 parts of scientific methodhypothesis, research design, data gathering, data analysis, conclusion/finding, publish, replication
opinion polldata is low
questionnairenot returned
structured interview scheduletoo much $$
participant observationundue influence> acting differently
vested interest preventsknowledge of social problems
vested interest maydistort the truth
to be treated so well as to lose research objectivitycoopted
diff. between experimental and control groupthey must be exactly the same except for one variable
max weberunintended consequences
unintended consequencesrise of iran due to fight of terrorism
volstead actrise of organized crime
3 parts of structure-functionalismconsensus, cooperation, and stability
agreement about the norms and values in societyconsensus
social change within structure-functionalismdysfunctional doesnt help society
social change in one areachange in others
problem with structure-functionalismconservative and attempts to maintain status quo
3 parts of conflict theory disensus, negotation, and instability
made conflict theory/zero sumc.w mills and lewis coser
disensusa constant battle that is never resolved
social change with conflict theoryfunctional
problem with conflict theoryno mention of love or altruism
cerydbus + sycilla between a rock and a hard place
done least in scientific method replication
cooley looking glass self
looking glass self people behave the way they are treated
search for meaning symbolic interaction
stimulus + ____ or ___ = response definition of situation or interpretation
4 fathers of symbolic interaction cooley, meade, blumer, goffman
wrote "asylums" goffman
presentation of self: dramatulurgical theatre based
.20 and .10 on confidence level not releveant
.05 + .002 .01 on confidence level relevant