Oceania(exam) vol.1

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Question Answer
Oceania iscountries and islands in the South Pacific Ocean p.2
native Hawaiians arePolynesians p.2
Hawaii belongs tolocated in Oceania, but politically in USA p.2
Rapa Nui meansEaster Island p.2
Rapa Nui belongs tosometimes Chile , sometimes Oceania , sometimes South America p.2
Oceania is divided intoAustralasia , Melanesia , Micronesia , Polynesia p.2
Oceanic Islands are located indeep Pacific Basin in the middle of the Pacific Ocean p.3
Oceanic Islands are eithervolcanic (high than see level) or coral (low than see level) p.3
Oceanic islands in the Pacific Ocean are calledthe Pacific Islands p.3
climate of the Pacific Islands arehigh temperatures and humidity throughout the year P.3
climate of Australia isvery different from North to South p.3
land of Australia isdifferent from coast to large island desert , no mountain high enough p.3
climate of New Zealand istemperate p.3
land of New Zealand isvariety of geographical feature like mountains, fiords, glaciers, thermal pools, desert p.3
population of Oceaniaabout 36 million among 1000 islands p.3
looks of Micronesianbright skin like Hawaiian p.3
Polynesia meansmany islands p.3
Polynesians arethe most similar in physical appearance, language, culture p.3
Polynesians havecultures of social etiquettes, detailed genealogies, interesting mythology p.3
looks of Micronesianstall and light skin p.3
Micronesians areless similar , about 10 areas with different cultures and languages p3
culture value of Micronesiansfishing and trade with nearby islands p.3
looks of Melanesians short and darker skin p.3
2 groups of Melanesianslive at the beach(involved trade with Polynesian) , live in the bush(very isolated) p.3
native people in Oceania's interectionstarted about 500 years ago with Europeans then Americans and Asians p.3
Oceanic economy is made up by14 separate countries with US$720 billion of GDP (US$4 thousand per person) p.4
some exports from the Pacific Islands arecoconut products(main), bananas, pineapples p.4
most people in Oceania (except Aust. and NewZea) work inprimary sector like agriculture and fishing p.4
Solomon Islands and Australia mineLead, zinc nickel, gold and other natural resources p.4
Clothing manufacture is major industry inFiji
large income source for Pacific Islands people isTourists from Australia , New Zealand, Japan, UK , USA p.4
50% of government spending in Solomon Island is paid for byAustralia , New Zealand , the European Union , Japan , Taiwan .p.4
South Pacific Forum (Pacific Islands Forum)1971 (changed 2000) , to enhance economic and social well being of the people living in the Pacific Islands p.4
members of Pacific Islands ForumAustralia , the Cook Islands , the Federated State of Micronesia , Kiribati , the Marchall Islands Nauru , New Zealand , Niue , Palau , Papua New Guinea , Samoa , the Solomon Islands , Tonga , Tuvalu , Vanuatu p.4