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3 (post teeth)

Question Answer
the most undesirable contact in lateral excursionNon-working (or balancing) contact
What does LOA stand for?Limited Occlusal Adjustment
What should the size of MI contacts be?< 1mm
LOA may adjust the CO:MI relationship when...the first tooth to contact is going to be CROWNED
What 6 problems can be caused by posterior contacts in working and non-working?1. Pain 2. Mobility 3. Attrition 4. Fracture 5. Abfraction 6. Periodontal problems (from fracturing adjacent bone)
What are the indications for LOA?NW interference in excursive movement, disrupted occlusal plane, cheek/tongue biting, abfractions, first prematurity on tooth to be crowned
What articulating paper do we use for checking occlusion?Bausch 40 microns
What do you do to adjust a post tooth that does NOT occlude on the cusp tip or in the fossa?
What do we do to adjust a post tooth does occlude on correct cusp tip and fossa, but ideal occlusion is obstructed by this contact?
what is a slide?a premature contact... from this point they SLIDE into MI
How do we decide to shorten the cusp or deepen the fossa?
3 options for adjustmentrecanter cusp to align with fossa, widen fossa to align w cusp, create a new flat are to be the fossa
Goal is for posterior teeth to have contacts along the ___ axis of the teethLONG axis
When there is not distance to close