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what is included on a transmitter logprogram log, transmitter log, operator log
program log date and day written numerically, date, day of week, pst or pdt depending on spring or winter
operator log time on, signature, time off
how frequent do you do transmitter readingsread meters at least once during program
comments sectionany issues or events during the time of event, brief description, name.
what are meter readings taken on mosely or the arc 10 website bookmarked on the mac.
what readings to do on the machine and how to do ch 1-3, use yellow button,
what do channels symbolizech1- amps, ch2- volts, ch3- power, ch4- reflected power, ch8- site temp
power output should be 90-105
how to turn station off on the macuse ch 1 on mac, read or play stl id, record transmitter readings, pres and hold turn off tx on ch 1, log in comments
how to turn station off moselyread or play stl id, record trasmitter readings, lower ch 6 until belar meter in on the far left, log in comments.
turn station on macon ch 1 click turn on tx, play stil id and take readings and log in transmitter log
turn on staiton moselych 6, click raise button, play stil id and take readings and log in transmitter log
where do you record everything weirdcomments section of transmitter log
what to use during emergencyeas (federal) or cen (for iv only)
eas system recieved bysage digital endec in the equipment rack at the back of the control room
rwt, what and procedureweekly test for eas. check scheduled events to see if you are scheduled to run a test during program, on the endec push button under WEEK and enter password 1111, play rwt announcement under legal tab, press proceed on the endec and make sure all sounds are potted down and then a short tone will play, once sound ends play rwt outrom, use printout to fill out the bottom portion of the log labeled eas alerts and comments, mark time on transmitter log and check boxes under eas, sent, and test. sign name in last column. press feed on printer and staple to bottom of transmitter log
eanautomatic national emergency thing, once announcement is over proceed w programming, log event as eac recd emerg, print and staple.
nptunannounced tests that override reg programming, log in trans log and staple to bottom
rmtrequired monthly test, log in trans log, staple to bottom
what to log if emergency phone ringscen, rcvd, test
what to do if red phone ringspick it up, verify authority (chancellors, public affairs office, pol chief or fire marshall, res hall directors), relay info to listeners or put caller directly on air
how to go about log errorscheck binder for errors, go to actual log and cross out error w single line and initial and date, then go to log errors and cross out and initial and date
can callers be put on the airif they have full knowledge yes
kcsb cant air messagesin exchange for renumeration, if intended to promote for profit service, express views of any person w respect to any matter of public importance or interest, support or oppose a candidate for public office
renumerationmoney, goods, services
when can you promotewithout numeration, if you feel message is of public interest
when kcsb gets donationsno promotion but acknowledgement to be given
acknowledgement incname and location of giver, value neutral description, no prices no calls to action no qualitative or comparative laguage no longevity statements. enter into program log. no playolas or plugolas (plays or plugs in return for renumeration)
when public attack is made notify station management, send info to attacked party within a week stating program, date, time, recording, transcript, summry, offer attacked a chance to respond.
safe harbor, what to play10pm-6am, can play indecent material, play warning of objectionable material announcement at the top of every hour
in a 3 hr period3 songs p/album and 2 consec, 4 from comp and 3 consec, 4 songs by same artist
can you pre announceno
where is station licenseback wall of control room
legal station idkcsb fm in santa barbara

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