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Besides phosphate, what are the other components in lecithin?Choline, fatty acids (2 r 3) and glycerol
Transport AGAINST a concentration gradient is _____ transportationACTIVE (as opposed to pasive)
The primary carrier for cholesterol is ___LDL
The defect that will cause atheroscleroris... what disease... what defect?Familial Hypercholesterolemia; LDL-Receptor defect
Where are the 2 OH groups added on Vitamin D in its conversion/activation?1 & 25 (25 in liver; 1 in kidney)
In what organ is the most active form Vitamin D3 synthesized?Kidney
What is the primary form of lipid in adipose cells?Tri-glycerides
Cholesterol is the precursor of vitamin ___D
The rate-limiting enzyme for cholesterol synthesis is ...HMG-CoA Reductase
T/F: Ketone bodies can be used by the liver for energyFalse (they cannot be used by liver, instead are sent from liver to the rest of the body)
Two ketone bodies sent by liver to be used by the rest of the bodyAcetoacetate and b-Hydroxybutarate
T/F: Glucose will readily diffuse through the cell membraneFalse
T/F: Urea will readily diffuse through the cell membraneTrue
T/F: K/Na ATPase is a PRIMARY ACTIVE transporterTrue
T/F: Glucose/Na transporter is a PRIMARY ACTIVE transporterFalse
In ____ active transport, the energy of transport is derived from ATPPRIMARY
In ____ active transport, the transportation energy is derived from moving another ion or particle down its concentration gradientSECOND
Lenoleic acid and arachodonic acid are the precursors of _____ Prostaglandin
Dephosphorylation is associated with ____ (insulin/glucagon)INSULIN
Phosphorylation is associated with ____ (insulin/glucagon)GLUCAGON
Which hormone raises blood glucose? (insulin/glucagon)Glucagon
Which hormone lowers blood glucose? (insulin/glucagon)Insulin

structure of lipids and membrane lipids

Question Answer
Gylcerol and 3 fatty acidsAcylglycerol
Glycerol, 2 fatty acids, phosphate and polar head groupGlycerol-Phospholipid
Shingosine backbone, fatty acid and hydrophilic polar head ((phosphate and polar head group__Sphingophospholipid
Sphingosine backbone, fatty acid and carbohydrateGlycolipid

more lipids

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All mammalian cells except _______ synthesize eicosanoidserythrocytes
All eicosanoids function locally at the site of synthesis, through receptor-mediated _________-protein linked signaling pathways leading to an increase in ___ levelsg-protein; cAMP
type of eicosanoid with conjugated double bondsLeukotriene
precursor of eicosanoids is the C20 fatty acid, _______arachidonic acid.
COX inhibitors inhibit which eicosanoids... and which one do they NOT inhibitDO inhibit PGE & TXA; but NOT Leukotriene (LTA)
Water-soluble vitamins are not stored except for ______FOLATE (aka B12)
list the 4 fat soluble vitaminsA, D, E & K
vitamin D deficiency in childrenrickets
vitamin D deficiency in adultsosteomalacia
synthesis of a fatty acid is 4 steps (Condensation, Reduction, Dehydration & reduction) and uses ____ for energyNADPH
in fasting, we burn fatty acids through ____-oxidationBETA-oxidation
what enzyme/catalyst whatever thing is useful for the transfer of ONE carbon group?BIOTIN

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