OBGYN Shelf Comat 2 2015

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Section 1

Question Answer
one hour 50g of glc challenge wk screen24-28
GBS wk screen35-37
causes menin, sepsis or pneumGBS
% + for GBS25
when to test A1Chx of insulin DM or GDM * do 1st prenatal visit
intrauterine fetal demise risk ofGDM
quadruple screenI ABE (msAfp, B-hcg, unconj Estriol, inhibin A)
I ABE is menomnic for?quad screen (determine chr abnormalities)
Quad screen wk15-20
Rho (D) Immunoglobulin admin wks28-29
Rh antibodies causehemolytic dz of newborn
1st prenatal exam testsRh factor, and urine B-hcg

Section 2

Question Answer
vag bleed, abd pain, ammenorheaectopic findings
woman of childbearing age and abdominal pain thinkectopic
when should intrauterine gest be visualized>1500 B-hcg (discriminatory zone)
ectopic txMTX, salpingostomy, salpingectomy
when to do culdocentesiswhen looking for hemoperitoneum or pelvic infections
D and C indicationterminate an intrauterine preg
when can use MTXheomdynamic stable and <5000 and <4cm
when MTX contrableeding, >4cm, tubal rupture, >5000
when to do partial hysterectomyfibroids,adenomyosis,endometriosis
pelvic pain, open os, tissue protruding, products of conception still present in uterusincomplete abortion
pain + open cervix + uterine contractinevitable abortion
retanied non-viable preg, but 0 sx of miscarrage (ie. vag bleed)missed abortion
purulent, open os, cervical motion tender, tahcy, up RRseptic abortion
heart finding with blood losstachy
% of conceptions result in misscarage30-40
% recognized preg lost in 1st and 2nd trim10-15
miscarriage akaspontaneous abort
spontaneous abort crit<20wk or <500 g

Section 3

Question Answer
recurrent variables 2nd txaminnio infusion w/ saline to relieve fetal cord compression
tertbutaline treatstocolysis
recuurent variables 1st txO2 and repositioning
FHR category Ireassuring (FHR 110-160, moderate variable, +/- early decel, accel +/-
FHR category IIstuff cant be classified in I or III
FHR category IIIabsent variability AND any of: reccurent vari/ late decel, brady, sinusois
when can vaccum deliver10 cm dil os and baby not getting out