Obgyn abbrev

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Question Answer
3VCThree vessel cord
AcAbdominal circumference
AcdAdvanced cervical dilation
AfiAmniotic fluid index
AromArtificial rupture of membranes
BcpBirth control pills
BpdBiparietal diameter
BppBiophysical profile
BrpBathroom priveleges
BsBowel sounds
BsoBilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
C/d/iClean dry intact
CpdCephalopelvic disproportion
CrlCrown rump length
CstContraction stress test
CtspCalled to see patient
C/wConsistent with
EfwEstimated fetal weight
FbFinger breadth
FdFetal demise
FhtFetal heart tones
FlFemur length
FmFetal movement
FseFetal scalp electrode
FtpFailure to progress
FwbFetal well being
GbsGroup B strep
GdmGestational DM
HcHead circumference
HELLPHemolysis elevated liver enzymes low platelets
HrobHigh risk ob
IugrIntrauterine growth restriction
IupIntrauterine pregnancy
IupcIntrauterine pressure catheter
LavhLaproscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy
LgaLarge for gestational age
LofLeakage of fluid
L/sLaparoscopic; if ob lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio
LtcsLow transverse c-section
MabMissed abortion
MspnMedical student progress note
MwbMaternal well being
NdNon distended
NtNon tender
Nst Non stress test
OcpOral contraceptive pill
PihPregnancy induced hypertension
PnvPrenatal vitamin
PoPer os
PodPost operative day
PpbcPost partum birth control
PpdPost partum day
PromPremature rupture of membranes
PpromPreterm premature rupture of membranes
PtlPreterm labor
SgaSmall for gestational age
SabSpontaneous abortion
SromSpontaneous rupture of membranes
SseSterile speculum exam
StdSexually transmitted dx
SvdSpontaneous vaginal delivery
SveSterile vaginal exam
TahTotal abdominal hysterectomy
TlhTotal laparoscopic hysterectomy
VbVaginal bleeding
Vfi/vmiViable female/male infant

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